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Article: Diversify Your Feed: 10 Black Creatives to Follow on Instagram

Diversify Your Feed: 10 Black Creatives to Follow on Instagram

Diversify Your Feed: 10 Black Creatives to Follow on Instagram

Art is, in itself, a form of resistance.

As the nation embroils with protests against police brutality and rampant systemic racism, the healing, spiritual, and unifying nature of art becomes even more of a vital asset to our lives. Art can be harnessed not only to resist oppressive systems, but also to quell the anxiety and anger associated with living within them.

In light of recent events, we’d like to share and uplift members of the Black creative community. Black art and artists should always be celebrated, but in times that the members of the community are hurting, it’s important for allies to show up to support their art, their voices, and their livelihoods.

Check out these ten amazing Black creatives to follow and support on Instagram:

Photo by Jennifer Livingston x Cherry Bombe Magazine

1. Sophia Roe | @sophia_roe

Sophia Roe is a chef and wellness advocate, as well as a self-described “food & feelings advocate.” Based in Brooklyn, Sophia cultivates an atmosphere of inclusiveness and sustainability in her colorful, plant-based dishes and raw, authentic photo captions.

Photo by Brandon Tauszik x Society 6

2. Rewina Beshue | @rgb_

Rewina Beshue is a graphic designer, model, and native San Franciscan. Her feed is an extremely visually-pleasing mix of mesmerizing geometric art and stylish self-portraits.

3. Adrian McDonald | @lexonart

Adrian McDonald is a photographer. His feed is full of powerful, moving photos steeped in symbolism, portraying current events as well as cultural and religious themes.

4. Monica Ahanonu | @monicaahanonu

Monica Ahanonu’s bold, creative prints add an awesome pop of color to the feed. The Los Angeles-based freelance illustrator has certainly made a name for herself in the creative community, working with the likes of The New York Times, Adidas, and In Style Magazine. Her art captures the power and spirit of some of America’s most influential figures, including Michelle Obama, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and Beyoncé (oh, and Baby Yoda — he definitely is worth a mention!)

Photo by Mickalene Thomas x New York Times

5. Carrie Mae Weems | @carriemaeweems

Considered one of the most influential contemporary American artists, Carrie Mae Weems explores themes of family relationships, cultural identity, sexism, class, political systems, and the consequences of power. Best known for her photography, she has also employed the use of text, fabric, audio, digital images, installation, and video over her career of 30+ years.

Photo by Kin Cordell

6. Nyakim Gatwech | @queennyakimofficial

Stunning supermodel Nyakim Gatwech is hailed as “The Queen of Dark” on social media, thanks to her rich, dark complexion. She is also known for challenging conventional beauty standards and colorism within the modeling industry. “In a world that tries every day to tell us we’re not the beauty standard, I remind her and all the little black girls out there that they are drop-dead gorgeous, intelligent, brave, outstanding and much more,” she said in a March interview.

7. Beaux Kristian | @beauxkristian

Beaux Kristian can transform into pretty much anything — this Arizona-based makeup artist creates stunning looks ranging from creepy clowns to mystical genies to even a blueberry pie.

Photo by Stillvika

8. Paige Fraser | @lovingthispaige

Paige Fraser is a dancer, often seen gracing the stage in The Lion King productions. Paige was diagnosed with scoliosis when she was young, but that didn’t stop her from reaching for her dreams to become a professional dancer. She is also the founder of the Paige Fraser Foundation, which is committed to inspiring young emerging artists with and without physical challenges to reach their full potential.

9. KaCeyKal | @kaceykal

KaCeyKal is a visual artist whose inspiration stems largely from the female figure. His pieces are loud, colorful, and certainly vibrant enough to stop your thumb mid-scroll.

10. Reyna Noriega | @reynanoriega_

Reyna Noreiga is an Afro-Latina visual artist, author, and educator. Her work aims to represent the beauty and vibrance of women by filling the world with fine art of said women, so that they can feel represented in those spaces.


Cecilia Seiter
Cecilia is a freelance writer and contributor to Slow North. She writes largely about sustainability, especially as it applies to beauty, wellness, and the future of technology. She is a graduate of the journalism department at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and is based in Los Angeles, CA.

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