Hi! I'm Michelle Simmons, founder of Slow North.

My journey began with a conscious effort to eliminate toxic products from our home, seeking healthier alternatives that aligned with our values. It wasn't long before I realized that finding non-toxic candles was a serious challenge. For a time, we lived without the simple pleasure of lighting a candle to unwind at the end of the day, but I missed that calming ritual.

The birth of our first son in 2015 ignited a new passion in us, as we grew even more conscious of the mysterious synthetic chemicals hiding in everyday products. The need for transparency became a driving force, and we felt a calling to create something special: a line of natural candles that would not only light up rooms but lives as well.

We searched for alternatives and recognized a need for well-designed, naturally healthy candles on the general market. Motivated to create products that boasted all ingredients honestly and with integrity, I began experimenting with candles that I would feel good about burning in our own home.

Slow North's essential oil soy candles were born out of my desire to provide well-designed, naturally healthy candles that you can trust. My commitment to integrity and honesty in all ingredients led me to experiment with crafting candles that I could feel proud to use in our own home, knowing they were free from harmful substances.

What began as a side project soon blossomed into a full-blown passion. From a backyard operation to a full storefront (with candle making classes in Austin) and a studio warehouse nearby, we've grown and expanded our team and our vision.

Join us on this journey, as we continue to redefine relaxation through our handcrafted, non-toxic candles and expanded line of wellness goods, including our heated neck wraps and weighted eye masks. We're more than candle makers now; we're pioneers in creating a cleaner and more soothing world. 

Our core values at Slow North revolve around whole living and a dedication to being present, cherishing the small yet significant moments that make life beautiful. I feel a profound sense of gratitude that our sons are growing up in an environment where thinking big isn't just accepted—it's celebrated. 

We're delighted you found us and invite you to discover how Slow North can infuse a sense of daily renewal into your life, one flicker at a time.

With heartfelt thanks,
At Slow North, we believe love is love and take a strong stance on everyone's equal freedom to express it. We actively recruit, employ, serve and celebrate members of the LGBTQIA+ community, and it is one of our core values to make sure we always create a psychologically and physically safe space. All are welcome here.