Woman lying in a bed with Eye Mask - Mystical Mushroom pattern on eyes. Made by Slow North

How migraine masks can enhance your wellness journey

Migraine masks are the perfect way to take it just one step further to achieve major de-stressing sensations. It only takes a few seconds to experience the soothing powers of this perfectly weighted eye mask amidst a busy day.

How to jump start your wellness journey


What is a migraine cap?

A migraine cap (also known as a migraine mask) is a specialized wearable aid designed to alleviate the discomfort commonly experienced during a migraine or severe headache. These caps are generally constructed to envelop the entire head and often extend to cover the eyes, thereby providing a darkened environment which can be beneficial in reducing light sensitivity, a frequent symptom of migraines.


How do migraine caps work?

Typically made from soft, comfortable materials, the cap is often imbued with cooling gels or other substances designed to provide a soothing, cool sensation which can help diminish the severity of pain and throbbing. Additionally, some migraine caps might also offer compression features, providing gentle pressure that can further help to alleviate discomfort. While it is not a cure for migraines, many individuals find substantial relief and support during painful episodes with the use of a migraine cap.


Can Slow North migraine masks be both heated and cooled?

Slow North migraine masks, filled with lentils, can be either heated or cooled, offering versatile pain relief for migraine sufferers. Heat the mask for soothing warmth to relax tension, or cool it to help numb pain and reduce swelling. The lentils ensure a balanced weight and help maintain the chosen temperature, providing straightforward, effective relief in a single, easy-to-use tool.

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