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We're committed to ensuring our business serves as a beacon of positive change. Our mission transcends mere profits; as we flourish, so does our dedication and impact on the community around us.

Giving Back: Our Carbon-Neutral Commitment

At Slow North, our pledge to sustainability extends beyond words. We're actively paving the way for a greener tomorrow by aligning ourselves with pioneers in carbon neutrality with every order placed. Here's a snapshot of our valued partnerships:

  • Grassroots Carbon: Championing land stewardship, they're revitalizing soils across the U.S., turning them into carbon sinks. We're proud to be among the businesses supporting their transformative approach to carbon storage.

  • Mast Reforestation: Forests are Earth's lungs, and Mast Reforestation is ensuring they breathe deep. Through sustainable forestry practices, they are rejuvenating landscapes and atmospheres alike.

  • Climeworks: Venturing into technological solutions, Climeworks captures CO₂ directly from the air, offering innovative carbon removal services. 

  • Heirloom Carbon: Their cutting-edge Direct Air Capture technology, combined with permanent underground storage, ensures that CO₂ is not just captured but is securely kept away from our atmosphere.

  • Remora Carbon: Remora's visionary approach attaches carbon removal systems to semi-trucks, turning pollution into a solution. Their ingenious approach to reducing roadside emissions resonates with our proactive ethos.

  • Running Tide: Diving deep into nature's solutions, Running Tide harnesses the carbon-sequestering power of ocean kelp. Their marine-based approach highlights the immense potential of our oceans in the climate battle.

Each partnership, from land to sea, from technology to nature, exemplifies our unyielding commitment to a carbon-neutral future. Together, we're not only envisioning a more sustainable world but actively crafting it, one carbon molecule at a time.

In-Kind Donations

We are committed to supporting many other local charities and schools through the donation of goods and workshop services year-round. 

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We welcome finding ways to help raise funds for adoptive families, medical hardships, etc. through a collaborative fundraising effort. To read more about our fundraising process, click here.


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