7 Sustainable Swimwear Brands to Try On This Summer

Besides being on vacation mode, there’s another thing on our minds when it comes to summertime: how sustainable is the swimwear we’re rocking this season?

We’ve talked about the drawbacks of fast fashion before, and swimsuits are no exception. Conventional swimwear made of synthetic fabric – nylon, polyester, and spandex, for the most part – ends up shedding microplastics when you put it in the washing machine. Those microplastics are dumped into the ocean, swallowed by sea animals, and then end up back in our food chain. In short: swimsuits are terrible for the environment, and for people as well.

However, with the rising tide of eco-friendly fashion comes the sustainable swimwear wave, leaving us with plenty of options to hit the beach, guilt-free. Check out our seven favorite brands we’ll be swimming in all summer long:

Photo by Kal Visuals

1. Alyned Together

This body-positive, eco-friendly, and fashion-forward swimwear brand creates bikinis and one-pieces from recycled polyester. Per the shop’s website, the brand is currently working with textile scientists to develop a smarter material for future collections. Alyned Together also starts at the lower end of the price range without sacrificing quality: separates start at $30, while one-pieces start at $59.

2. Reformation

Reformation doesn’t just sell ethical swimwear; the San Francisco-based fashion brand is also a pioneer in eco-conscious jeans, shoes, tops, and even wedding dresses. Reformation makes a point to consider a number of factors when creating their products, taking water input, energy input, land use, eco-toxicity, greenhouse gas emissions, human toxicity, availability, and price all into account. Check out their swim collection here!

Photo by Drew Dau

3. Galamaar

Made in Los Angeles, California, Galamaar’s swimwear is minimal, elegant, and planet-friendly. This brand is all about the details: even their swimsuits’ pad inserts are made in LA, their hang tags are recycled, and their packaging is all eco-conscious. And by using techno-fabric made of nylon from discarded fishing nets, Galamaar reduces human impact on the ocean — while providing us with beautiful garments to swim in it with!

4. BOLD Swim

BOLD means business when it comes to sustainability. The Hollywood-based Brazilian company makes swimwear with biodegradable fibers, keeping harmful plastics and chemicals from landfills and oceans. BOLD products are also free of harsh chemicals and are designed to protect the skin from UV rays.

Photo by Jakob Owens

5. Natasha Tonic

Natasha Tonic takes hemp to another level by weaving it into sustainable swimwear. Hemp fiber is both antimicrobial and UV resistant, and as an added bonus, Natasha Tonic uses only organic fibers. The brand also donates a portion of all shipping fees to Trees for the Future, a Maryland-based nonprofit that plants trees in deforested communities.

6. Summersalt

Ethically produced in New York, Summersalt’s swimwear collection is made from compressive, luxurious fabric crafted from 78% recycled polyamide. What’s more, Summersalt cuts out the middleman, which enables fair and transparent pricing of $95 per suit.

Photo by Erik Dungan

7. Sézane

This French eco-minded fashion brand was inspired to offer women the finest quality pieces with a Parisian touch. Sézane creates its products without harsh chemicals and uses recycled materials. Additionally, its manufacturing facilities run on 100% renewable electricity. There’s just a certain je ne sais quoi about lounging by the beach in sustainable Parisian swimwear!


Cecilia Seiter
Cecilia is a freelance writer and contributor to Slow North. She writes largely about sustainability, especially as it applies to beauty, wellness, and the future of technology. She is a graduate of the journalism department at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and is based in Los Angeles, CA.