Everyday Essentials for Daily Living


We all have our holy grail products, our favorite hobbies, our go-to drinks, our can’t-live-without-em snacks, our daily essentials… and believe it or not, our team doesn’t just swear by Slow North products, but products from all kinds of different businesses! This week we really wanted to pour our hearts into highlighting some of our favorite products that we DON’T sell... crazy, right? Moral of the story is, we’re just like y’all! We’ve all got our things and we love sharing ideas and giving suggestions on what we're into. From hair care to snacks to ebooks, we’ll walk you through the whats and whys of our current go-to essentials (with no affiliate links)!

Stranded Dry Shampoo

Let me just start by saying I have searched high and low for the best dry shampoo for years, and I mean YEARS... So many aerosol spray dry shampoos have left me choking for air in the bathroom only to leave my hair looking even more dirty and crispy than before, making me feel like I’m stuck in an endless battle that I could never win… until someone introduced me to Stranded. This stuff is magical, I swear. I have fine, straight hair that gets weighed down easily with too much product and this magical hair powder perks it up, cleans it up, and can get my hair to day five without needing a wash. That’s huge. Do you get why this product is an essential to my beauty routine now? This powder is a bit more of an investment than your typical drugstore dry shampoo, but it will last you a looooong time (I’ve had mine for a year and I use it on the daily). They offer 3 color options to complement the natural tones of blondes, brunettes, and even redheads! The technique of using Stranded takes a bit of practice but you’ll catch on in no time- simply shake the bottle to loosen up the powder, give it a few squeezes around your hairline and problem areas, then tousle your hair a bit and your beautiful locks will look instantly and effortlessly refreshed.



Los Poblanos Lavender Hand Salve

I had fully intended on visiting Los Poblanos Inn & Organic Farm on a recent trip to New Mexico but time got away from me and unfortunately had to settle on buying a few of their products at a gift shop in Downtown Santa Fe - but let me tell you, “settle” was not a word I would ever use to describe using this miracle salve once I tried it! As much as I wanted to explore the beautiful historic grounds and lavender fields of Los Poblanos, using this hand salve basically gave me half the experience, it’s that good. Hand-mixed and poured weekly on their farm, this Lavender Salve is essential for parched skin! This miracle salve has saved me from dry, cracked hands during the winter, and I fully intend to keep using it throughout the seasons. I’ve been lathering up my hands every night before bed ever since I bought this stuff and I wake up feeling like I just left the spa with soft, moisturized skin.


Libby App

Being on the go constantly can be tough for avid readers who are forgetful. I know I tend to lose track of things so when I leave my book behind while I’m out and about it can really put a damper on my day. There’s something so grounding about pulling out a book to read instead of mindlessly scrolling Instagram while you’re waiting at the doctor’s office or getting an oil change. This year I’ve made a point to pursue more things that give life, not drag me down. Reading books and getting lost in a story is so filling for me, and I’ve found that social media tends to put me in a place where I’m constantly comparing my life to others’ or wanting things I don’t have. The Libby app ensures that you’ll never be without a book again and it is such a handy tool to have in your back pocket, literally! Just simply log into the app with your library card info from your local library and you can instantly rent ebooks from your library’s database! It has been essential for me as I’m out running errands or waiting at appointments because all of my books are right there at my fingertips.

Trader Joe’s Crunchy Almond Butter

Honestly, I feel like the name speaks for itself. We all know Trader Joe’s is more than just a grocery store. Call me crazy, but it’s more of an experience and I truly believe it brings people joy to shop there! Trader Joe’s has the most friendly & passionate employees, they have delicious & original ingredients and meals, they make cooking not only easy but FUN, and they carry the best versions of pantry staples (you can quote me on that). I’m sure you’ve tried out some of the many ways to eat almonds, i.e. nut butters and tasty milks - it's hard to ignore the fact that almonds have taken over the foodie world due to their versatility!  But allow me to introduce you to Trader Joe’s Crunchy Almond Butter... it’s next level stuff. This wonderful almond butter is good on nearly everything; drizzled on fruit, smeared on crispy toast, blended into nutrient-packed smoothies, topping off some ice cream, you name it. It’s a much friendlier price point than many other almond butter brands and the taste tops them all, too! It stirs easily, doesn’t have a chalky texture AND it's even additive-free (the only ingredients are almonds and salt!). The rich taste of Trader Joe's Crunchy Almond Butter is unbeatable and it’s the perfect way to make any snack feel like a true treat yoself moment. Consider this the newest member of your pantry essentials fam. Visit your local Trader Joe's and snatch up as many jars as you can, they're known to sell out!


Reusable Mesh Produce Bags

We've all been there... grabbing produce bag after produce bag at the grocery store. It might even feel like second nature to use these seemingly convenient bags at your local grocery store, I know I once used them without a second thought! The truth is, we can change this cycle of waste by using reusable produce bags. There are all kinds of brands and types out there, we have a plethora of options to better our world with less waste! I've recently invested in this pack of 18 mesh drawstring bags from Amazon and they've really been a lifesaver. They are durable, washable, reusable, and versatile, holding a heck of a lot more produce than your average plastic bag. This specific brand has color-coded tabs on each bag to help you organize your foods while you're shopping, which I've found to be very helpful to keep stock of what's in my cart while I wander the aisles. In addition to being the best grocery store companions, these bags are great for closet storage, organizing toys, or even washing tennis shoes or delicates. Reusable products like this are truly helping us take small steps towards living a zero-waste lifestyle and help us focus on the bigger picture.


There you have it folks, our top everyday essentials that we can't get enough of! Tell us, what things can't you live without? We love hearing about new (or old!) products and trends and we'd love to hear your suggestions in the comments.