Slow North

Essential Oil Diffuser Blend (3 Seasonal Scents)

$ 24.00

Elevate your holiday celebrations with our 100% Pure Essential Oil Diffuser Blends in exclusive festive editions! Handcrafted with signature Slow North scents, these dropper bottles are your ticket to an olfactory winter wonderland. Whether you're diffusing them to set a holiday mood, adding a dash to your laundry for that festive freshness, or transforming your car into a mobile winter retreat, we're excited to offer a flame-free option to envelop your spaces in heartwarming, all-natural fragrances!

.6 fl oz / 18 ml
Amber Glass

Aromatic Use: Diffuse for one hour up to three times daily.*
Laundry Use: Drop 2-5 drops on wool dryer balls to naturally scent your linens. 

*Essential oils may be harmful to pets so please consult with your veterinarian before use. Learn more here.

Limited-Edition Seasonal Scents:

Cheer: Revel in holiday spirit with our blend of cinnamon, cypress, and peppermint essential oils. This scent evokes festive merriment, delivering a crisp and cheerful top note with a minty-sweet undertone.

Merry + Bright: Transport yourself to a winter wonderland with notes of northern fir, clementine, and clove. This blend captures the warmth of a local tree farm paired with a cozy spiced citrus aroma.

Cabin Retreat: Embrace the essence of a cozy getaway with cedarwood, grapefruit, and cinnamon essential oils. This blend offers the warmth of a woodsy cabin, enhanced by spicy cinnamon notes and a hint of citrus freshness.

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