Tips Every Plant Lady Wants You to Know



As I’m sure you’ve noticed by now, house plants have officially made it well past the “fad” stage and they are here to stay. What was thought to be just a passing trend has now turned into a full-on lifestyle for some, and we are most definitely here for it! In celebration of Houseplant Appreciation Day on January 10th, we want to give you everything you need to know about houseplants- no matter what color your thumb is!

The best part (and what I believe to be the most crucial!) about bringing home a new plant baby is picking out its own special plant pot. There are so many creative and fun ways to display your houseplants- these days you can find ethically-made woven baskets, reusable buckets, hand-carved plant stands, hand-sculpted ceramic pots… the options are endless.



Even with all those options out there, we always end up going back to one of our favorite artists, Kristen Saksa Juen. Kristen sculpts all of her beautiful ceramic pots by hand, paying attention to detail and creating organic patterns as she crafts each and every pot. Her style is modern and eye-catching, and her pots become beautiful conversation pieces in your home as they bring even more significance to the beautiful plants they hold. Not only does she make wonderful pieces, but her passion behind her work is contagious and it’s wildly noticeable through her work. There’s something about having one of her pieces in your home that leaves you feeling inspired.


Now that you know what to use to display your plant babies, it’s time to focus on where to put them. Stylistically speaking, houseplants would work in any room in your home if they didn’t have to rely on sunlight to live! Most houseplants don’t need a ton of sunlight, but make sure you read up on your specific plants before picking a home for them to ensure they’re suitable for indoor living. You’ll definitely want to avoid leaving your houseplants in a dark room without windows, so keep your plants health in mind before deciding where to place them.


Houseplants boost the style of your home and offer up organic beauty to any space. Larger plants that make a statement, like Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees, Snake Plants, and Monsteras, are always a lovely addition to common spaces and are relatively easy to keep alive, so place one next to your couch or in the sunny corner of your kitchen to make your space look effortlessly stylish.


Smaller plants like the leafy Pothos Plant and various types of succulents are sweeter, daintier ways to spruce up your space, especially in bedrooms and bathrooms. Place one on your nightstand or bathroom shelf and you’ll feel like an interior decorator in no time. And don’t worry- no matter where you fall on the style spectrum, from farmhouse to mid-century modern, we guarantee you will be able to incorporate houseplants into your home decor.


Not only do houseplants add to your home aesthetic, they improve your overall health! Houseplants can purify air quality, sharpen concentration (shoutout to all those boss babes working from home!), boost your mood and so much more. A clean, well-designed space is truly a happy place. When your home feels peaceful, orderly, and put-together, your mood is positively affected as your brain declutters because of its surroundings. Have you ever wondered why you always feel a little pep in your step when you walk into a trendy restaurant or a perfectly curated shop? There’s your answer! In addition to that fun little tidbit, house plants purify the air in your home by absorbing toxins and carbon dioxide (you know- that stuff we exhale), converting them into oxygen, conveniently being the exact thing we need to live.



Give those plants babies a little extra love today in celebration of Houseplant Appreciation Day, y’all! Or better yet- grab a friend and adopt a few more plants to bring into your home. We can guarantee your home will always have enough space for a few more plants now that you’ve read up on all the deets about becoming a houseplant guru.