Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019!



2019 is finally here, and we can hardly believe what a year 2018 was! This past year has been full of events, product releases and new friendly faces and we’re so glad that you could be a part of it. To celebrate the start of the new year we wanted to share some of our highlights from 2018.



Along with making an abundance of candles this past year, we released a few new products. Last summer we began making our therapy packs when Jennifer of Ardent Hands announced that she would be closing down her business due to health reasons. We were so sad to hear this, and we loved her products too much to not have them in our store anymore! With Jennifer’s help, we brought her neck wrap and eye mask production in-house under our Slow North brand where we now have a dedicated team that sews each and every piece. It has been such a joy to share her thoughtful designs with all of you!



During the summer we also got some very exciting news - Anthropologie contacted us to become one of our latest stockists! Our first shipment of candles and essential oil blends were sent out to them in August, and have been available to purchase online since the fall. We are so grateful for this opportunity and cannot wait to see what the future holds!

In order to keep all of our products stocked and up to our high quality standards, we needed to hire A LOT of people to help us out! We added seamstresses, production and shop assistants to our team in order to keep our business running smoothly. It has been so wonderful to see our Slow North family grow with our team of amazing ladies that are excited to serve you in 2019!



Along with growing our team, we expanded our storefront- twice! We moved into our shop off of Anderson Lane in August of 2017 and originally shared the space with two other businesses. Over the past year and a half as our business continued to grow, we quickly realized we needed more room! As other businesses moved out, we continued to expand, and now the space is entirely our own. We are so happy to offer more products in-store, and to have more production space because of our expansion.

Towards the later part of 2018, we had the chance to be a part of Camp Contemporary, an elevated camp experience for adults, where we teamed up with Maker’s Mark Bourbon. During this event we set up a DIY Candle Making Booth where we taught happy campers how to set candle wicks, mix essential oils, and pour wax into their candle vessels. We had so much fun teaching attendees how to make their own custom candles and loved smelling all of the unique scent combinations they came up with!



More than anything else, we are so thankful for YOU this past year. None of this would have been possible without your continued support. As a small, family-owned business our number one goal is to provide you with excellent, clean products and wonderful service. We hope we were able to bring you a bit of joy in 2018 and we will strive to bring you all of that and more in 2019! Happy New Year, y’all!


Photo from Camp Contemporary taken by Brian Fitzsimmons.