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Article: Your Favorite Products from 2018

Your Favorite Products from 2018

Your Favorite Products from 2018

From the moment our storefront opened in August 2017, we have been filling our shelves with one-of-a-kind products not only from our own studio, but from artists and fellow small businesses across the US. Today we will share with you some of our most loved products from this past year- available in-store and online. These items have been some of our favorites as well, so without further adieu, allow us to introduce you to our most popular products from 2018!


20 Reusable Facial Rounds

Looking for more practical ways to reduce waste and get more bang for your buck? We are loving these reusable facial rounds made by Marley’s Monsters! They act as a cotton ball replacement and are machine washable, so you can use them time and time again. Each facial round is made with two layers of 100% cotton and each pack contains 20 facial rounds. Choose from white, gray tones, brown neutrals or multicolors.


Mini Candles

If you are like us and have a hard time choosing just one candle scent, look no further! The most popular way of trying out our candles has been through purchasing our 2 ounce mini candles. Our smallest candle offering makes a great gift, fits well in a bathroom or on top of a desk, and can tag along with you to set the mood wherever your travels take you. Some of our customers’ favorite scents have been Eucalyptus Lavender, Lavender + Cedar, and Orange + Clove.


Affirmation Notes - Self Love

Reminding yourself that you are important, seen and loved is essential for daily wellbeing. Our staff and customers are crazy about Stick With It’s affirmation notes. Put these on your mirror, desk or around the house to surround yourself (and others!) with positivity.


Neck Wrap - Les Fleurs

Kick back and relax with one of our Les Fleurs neck wraps. We are so happy that you have been loving these as much as we have! Each neck wrap is made by our team in-house, and filled with natural lentil beans. The weight of the lentils adds just the right amount of pressure to your neck to release tension and relieve stress. Heat yours up in the microwave or toss it in your freezer to enjoy it warm or cold.


Fizzing Bath Cube - Eucalyptus Mint - 4 oz

A natural, chemical-free way to enjoy a relaxing bath? Count us in! These fizzy bath cubes from Lola Jane Naturals are free of dyes and are made with only high quality essential oils, virgin coconut oil, and pure dead sea salts. The Eucalyptus Mint Bath Cubes have been a popular choice among our customers, but Lavender Sage and Herbal Healing are close to the top of the list!


Migraine Mask - Herb Garden

If you suffer from headaches and are looking for a natural remedy, our migraine masks are a great option. Just like our neck wraps, our eye masks are filled with natural lentil beans. This adds a gentle amount of pressure, helping to ease pain. Heat your mask up in your microwave or cool it in your freezer and begin to unwind!


Ladybug Seed Bombs

We offer a few different seed bombs in our store, but the Ladybug Seed Bomb has been our customers’ top pick! These are made by the Department of Everyday, and promote the health and habitat of ladybugs in our ecosystem. Each pouch contains five seed bomb that are made by hand from plants such as nasturtium, calendula and marigold. These work best in the Spring, Summer or Fall and are very easy to use. Just throw the seed bombs on the ground in the area of your choice, and they will break down naturally. Get growing!


Palo Santo Sticks

Another popular buy this past year was our Palo Santo Sticks from Shamans Market. Also known as the “Holy Stick”, palo santo is a natural wood aromatic incense that has been used for centuries as a spiritual remedy for purifying, healing and cleansing. This product is hand-carved and sustainably harvested in Ecuador. They whisk away any unpleasant smells, leaving your home smelling fresh and clean in an instant.

We are delighted you have been enjoying these products and are so thankful for your continued support! Did we miss anything that you have been loving? Let us know below!

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