Stocking Stuffers (Under $30!)


Essential Oil Blends - Cheer

Our custom blend of cinnamon, cypress and peppermint essential oils - designed to lift and enliven your senses - is minty and sweet; with tones of merriment and festivities and a crisp, cheerful top note. Need we say more? But for real, this blend is our go-to diffuser blend during the winter months because of the immediate cozy-factor it brings.


Lip Balm - Peppermint Rose

For most of us, wintertime means dealing with dry skin and chapped lips on the daily, but it doesn’t have to be such a chore! This all-natural lip balm is the perfect remedy to soothe your parched lips when it’s cold out. Packed with peppermint essential oil, rosehip seed oil and other natural oils to moisturize and protect your lips, this lip balm will be your best winter accessory this season.



Facial Roller Beauty Tool - Jade

In case you’ve been living under a rock, we’re here to tell you that Jade rolling is THE THING right now. This stone is commonly used to promote peace and purity while also working wonders for your skin. Jade rolling increases circulation, reduces puffiness and fine lines, and decreases inflammation as it stimulates the lymphatic system under your skin.


20 Reusable 3" Facial Rounds - Grey

New year, new routines, right? Make your new year’s resolution count this year by eliminating wasteful products in your home. These reusable cotton facial rounds are good for your skin, good for the environment, and good for your bathroom aesthetic. They’re washable, durable, and suitable for daily use to keep your skin healthy and pampered.



Beard Tonic Sampler - Set of 3 Trial Sizes

We get it, it’s tough to buy an entire bottle of something without actually knowing how well the product performs. Say hello to your new favorite solution- a beard tonic sampler set to keep your beard conditioned and beautiful! This set comes with 3 different beard tonics, each being the perfect size for you to try out long enough to figure out which blend brings out the best in your beard.


Sculpting Pomade

Ready to ditch hair products that aren’t good for your health? If we want to take care of ourselves the right way, we must focus on what kind of products we are using outside of our bodies in addition to what we put inside our bodies. This all-natural sculpting pomade is high quality without the high risk - made for moisturizing your hair while holding it perfectly in place.


Wooden Bottle Opener

There’s just something about a well made, artisan product that can strike up a conversation in no time. We think that maybe, juuuust maybe, handmade products (like this beautiful wooden bottle opener!) are so intentionally crafted and precisely executed they are hard to ignore. This bottle opener is crafted with stainless steel and beautifully etched maple wood, meaning it doesn’t sacrifice beauty for quality that will last.



Mini Candle - Merry + Bright

This candle is Christmas. I repeat, this candle IS Christmas. One of our most popular limited edition scents, Merry + Bright, is a blend of Northern Fir, Clementine, and Clove essential oils. Light it up and your home will instantly be filled with Christmas cheer and you’ll be singing loud for all to hear!


Tapestry Sticky Notepad - Hero

Raise your hand if you get tired at looking at boring ol’ sticky notes on your desk every day? It can’t just be us, right? These beautifully designed and wonderfully crafted sticky notes will brighten up your desk and create visual interest to inspire your work space, helping you boost motivation and lift your spirits.


Black Wolf Enamel Pin

We are firm believers in using enamel pins to express ourselves. This eye-catching Black Wolf is a tiny work of art to carry with you wherever you go. This sweet (or sassy) accessory is so easy to stick anywhere you want your personality to shine! Pins like this are fun, interesting, and they share a little about your inner self to the outside world.


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