Slow North X Eliana Bernard | Match Strikers

Porcelain Match Strikers

We’re thrilled to introduce our first accessories collaboration - a marbled, black & cream porcelain match striker, slip-cast exclusively for Slow North by Eliana Bernard of Austin, Texas.

Slow North Match Strikers by Eliana Bernard

When we started getting requests for match strikers to complement our candles, I immediately thought of Eliana. We met at a pop-up market at the W Hotel last year, and I’ve admired her work ever since - hoping to find an opportunity to work together. Thankfully, Eliana shared our same vision for these stylishly-minimal match holders, and from there a collaboration was born!

Porcelain Match Strikers by Eliana Bernard

Eliana is a talented ceramic designer based out of Austin, Texas. She creates marbled porcelain dinnerware, decor and jewelry that combines simple forms with inspiring patterns that are both beautiful and functional. We love the unmistakeable design and functionality of her pieces, and Eliana perfectly incorporated her impeccable aesthetic to complement our brand.

Each match striker is unique in shape and marble design because each piece in the collection is handmade with care. They are truly one-of-a-kind!

Perfectly paired with our hand-poured, essential oil candles, these match strikers became a special heirloom in homes for years to come.

Slow North's Porcelain Match Strikers by Eliana Bernard