From the Founder: Our Brick and Mortar

Last Saturday, Slow North celebrated the Grand Opening of our first brick and mortar at 2700 W. Anderson Ln., Suite 410 in Austin, TX. Even now as I sit here and write these words, I have to remind myself that this is truly happening (somebody pinch me!). With each day we grow more and more excited and grateful for the journey ahead, and we are reminded of what an unexpected journey it’s been already.

Since the moment we began conceptualizing Slow North – and even before – Jon and I have been drawn and dedicated to the necessity of a healthy home. Slow North in its earliest form, however, was never meant to be a hands-on operation. By chance, and with a strong desire to make the best possible products for our customers, we became candle makers. With a passion for beautiful, clean home goods, our new craft melted seamlessly into our lives. In no time, Slow North became a part of our family.

Now more than two years later, our vision for Slow North hasn’t stopped growing, and we’ve been given a tremendous opportunity to bring some long-time dreams to life. Through our new storefront, we are sharing a curated selection of handcrafted goods with our neighborhood – one near and dear to us – while inviting the community to use the space for their own events and workshops.

See, through our Slow North adventure, we’ve continued to learn the importance of slowing down, honing in on your talents and sharing those things that bring joy and peace with others. It has been our pleasure to support and be supported by other craftsmen from all over the country (and world), and we hope that our store will make those life-giving practices, whatever they may be for you, achievable.

We hope to see you when you’re in the neighborhood! We’ll be here bustling around making candles and sharing the stories of our makers with full hearts and big smiles. See you soon!

With love,

P.S. Here are a few before/after pictures for the fun of it: