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Our Story

Hi! We’re Michelle and Jon Simmons, founders of Slow North.

After years of slowly ridding our home of less-than-healthy, toxic products and replacing them with natural alternatives, we hit a roadblock when it came to finding a suitable replacement for candles. We lived without candles for a good while but greatly missed the calming ritual of lighting a candle to relax in the evenings.

The impetus for creating Slow North's line of plant-based candles was the birth of our son. While pregnant, we became even more aware of just how many products in our house contained mystery concoctions of synthetic chemicals – some of which are not required on ingredient listings. We became increasingly unsettled.  

We searched for alternatives and recognized a need for well-designed, naturally healthy candles on the general market. Motivated to create products that boasted all ingredients honestly and with integrity, we began experimenting with candles that we would feel good about burning in our own home.

While the operation was initially intended to be a hands-off side project, we followed our instincts and quickly became candle makers. Slow North is now run 100% in-house, truly in-house. Our studio is located right behind our home, and Slow North has become a part of our family identity in the best possible way.

Our company’s core values and dedication to whole living serve as daily reminders to be present and enjoy the little moments we share. We feel grateful that our son will grow up in a household where thinking “big” is encouraged and celebrated. We’re motivated to work together, intentionally and respectfully, so the heart of Slow North is reflected in all that we do – in our home and in our products.

We’re so glad you stopped by and hope that Slow North will support a daily renewal in your life!

With love,
Michelle & Jon