Gift Guide for The Creative


When you have the honor of buying your creative friend a gift, you’ve gotta deliver. This is high stakes stuff… Their taste unmatched, but don’t you worry… your gift will be too. We’ve provided the means to pamper that creative friend of yours with their very own gift guide. Curated just for their specific taste with design in mind.



Coffee + Spice

Although there miiiiight be such a thing as too much caffeine, you can never go wrong with this Coffee + Spice candle. Our signature blend of coffee, nutmeg, cinnamon, and clove essential oils will soothe and awaken your senses, giving you that afternoon energy boost without all the jitters that come with an extra cup of joe.


Match Striker

Looking for a way to bring life to mundane tasks? Fill your workspace with objects that are not only functional, but impeccably designed. These handmade, slip-cast marbled match strikers are an eye-catching piece that can light up a match in no time. Pair with our Coffee + Spice candle and watch your productivity level reach maximum potential.


Coffee Soulmate Pin

Have we mentioned coffee enough yet? Honestly, we could keep going… but we’ll spare you the rambling. Coffee is the fuel of the creative industry, it’s hard to imagine it without it being at the center. So stick this funky pin on your tote to let everyone know where your allegiance lies




Boost your inspirational mood boards with bits and pieces of other mediums. Trust me, you won’t regret it! When you take a step back to value others’ creativity and respect their process, you’ll no doubt learn different ways to get in touch with your own creativity. This intricately embroidered cactus hoop is a sweet accent piece that you can pair with virtually anything!


Small Macrame Wall Hanging

Gallery walls are a quick and easy way to turn your art collection into an exhibit, right inside your home or workspace! Adding texture to groupings of prints gives your gallery wall interest and depth. This macrame wall hanging is an intricate, one-of-a-kind piece that will liven up any space (and make for a good conversation starter, too!).


Cappuccino Mug - Speckle

Nothing beats starting off your morning with a hot cup of coffee in your favorite mug... I mean, most of us can barely function without starting our day like that, am I right? #guilty... This hand thrown mug is as beautiful as it is unique while still maintaining that classic mug shape we all know and love.




Pocket Notebook

Hand. Painted. Notebook. Need I say more? Bring your sketching and note-taking to a new level with this notebook that fits perfectly in your pocket. Take it with you on the go and you’ll soon realize you have one of the coolest sidekicks on the block. Each design varies slightly due to the hand painted nature of the product, making each piece so perfectly unique.


Wood Geometric Catchall Tray

Messy people tend to be the most creative. It’s true, google it! Luckily, there are creative solutions for all that mess-- like this beautiful, hardwood catch-all tray. It’s the perfect solution to all that pocket clutter that’s always rattling around in your pocket. There’s a perfect spot for your keys, phone, and all your favorite tiny knick knacks.


Grid Lux Pen

You know how when you have a bunch of free pens you stole from restaurants in your purse and then all of a sudden you realize you’ve lost them all? Yeah… that’s not happening with this pen. The medium weight pen is custom designed and refillable, meaning it’s got beauty AND brains. It’s that pen you sure as heck aren’t letting anyone borrow.


You are a Message Book

Creativity looks and feels different to everyone, so don’t let anyone put you in a box. Each individual interprets their own creativity in their own way, which is what makes us so unique! Showcasing inspiring quotes alongside original block prints, this book is sure to inspire you and spark your unique sense of creativity, in whatever way you please.


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