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Gift Guide for the Free Spirit

Gift Guide

We’ve all got that friend... you know, the one who is so consistently zen (how do they do it?!), the one who never wants to add a thing to their life that doesn’t serve a purpose or bring them joy. These are the best kind of people, but they can be hard to shop for. Say hello to the ultimate Free Spirit Gift Guide to pave your way to giving the most meaningful gifts to that free spirited friend.

Patchouli + Cedar Candle by Slow North
Our signature blend of Patchouli, Cedar, and Bergamot essential oils packs a self-care punch in this 8 oz tumbler candle. This scent offers a calming, nurturing aroma, while fighting inflammation, boosting libido, and knocking out bad vibes. Envelop your senses as you light this candle and drift into a warm and grounded state of mind.

Energy Pattern Sketchbook by Worthwhile Paper
Embrace your creative freedom and clear your mind with this whimsical screen printed journal. Fill up the blank, unlined pages with your wandering thoughts, dreams, and doodles. Bonus points for the pages being made of recycled paper!

Let it Be Wild Tote by Imani Collective
Raise your hand if you believe that you can never have too many farmers market bags! (picture us and the rest of the world raising our hands...) This tote bag is made of ethically sourced natural canvas and genuine leather, and it’s handcrafted by men and women in Kenya. Let your free spirit flag fly with this weekend wardrobe staple that’s both functional and beautiful.

Minimalist Crystal Necklace by Rare Bird Designs
Crystal Quartz has been used for generations in meditative and spiritual practices because of its healing properties. Now what better way is there to embrace crystal quartz than to wear it as a statement piece? Being beneficial to overall well-being while also being the perfect addition to your wardrobe, this necklace proves crystal quartz to be useful in more ways than one. This striking necklace is the perfect companion to help keep your head up and keep you grounded in the business of day to day life.

Mesquite Tarot Set by Mesquite Tarot
Set your intentions for the day and practice mindfulness with this beautiful set of tarot cards. Setting aside this time each morning will help clear your mind and lead you to a place of reflection before the business of your day begins. We must focus on the importance of the little things in order to make a big difference.

Modern House Bus Book by Kimberley Mok
You’ve heard of tiny homes, but this is next level. House buses are now becoming increasingly popular because of their mobility and eclectic look. This book showcases 12 modern house buses that have given their owners freedom to travel, the ability to thrive, and the opportunity to truly live. Dive in and you’ll walk away inspired and ready to hit the road, we can guarantee it.

Nepali Sandalwood Rope Incense by Shaman's Market
Without worrying about what your products are made from, you can be at peace knowing this aromatic incense rope is made from all-natural ingredients harvested from the Himalayas. You'll be keeping the air in your home smelling like fresh clove & cinnamon, all while being completely free of artificial fragrances! 

Arrow Zipper Pouch by Land & She
No one likes excess… we’ve all got that drawer in our kitchen, full of little knick knacks that we aren’t sure where to store but can’t seem to part with. Consider this hand-stamped pouch that’s a drawer for your tote bag. Hand-stamped and designed with nature in mind, this zipper-pouch is the perfect style and size for storing all of those sweet notes from friends, concert tickets, favorite pens… you name it, it’s got a spot in the pouch.

Moss Terrarium Kit by Potting Shed Creations
House plants are not just a fad, I repeat, house plants are NOT JUST A FAD. The health benefits of house plants have long been discussed, but only recently embraced by trendsetters, and we are here. for. it. This adorable little terrarium kit is an easy way to add interest to a space while purifying the air, reducing anxiety, and so much more.

Tibetan Lattice Wooden Incense Holder by Shaman's Market
Set your mind at ease by burning your incense on this responsibly sourced, fair-trade, wooden incense holder. Paired perfectly with the Sandalwood Rope Incense, this duo makes for a useful yet exquisite daily routine to begin your days with.

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