Father’s Day Gift Ideas by Enneagram Type

Father holding son on his shouldersPhoto by Kelly Sikkema

It’s time to celebrate dads! Father’s Day is almost here, so we’re breaking down our favorite ways to celebrate the fathers in our lives, by Enneagram type! Here are our suggestions to inspire and make your father's day!

The Type One Dad

The Type One Dad is good and we love him for it! He’s all about taking things to a higher level of excellence. Plan to make a delicious meal together with a cookbook. You can pair it with this really gorgeous wood cutting board.

The Type Two Dad

The Type Two Dad is kind and generous and always there to help, so he’ll love another blanket for the next outdoor excursion! He can stash his in the car for impromptu family picnics, beach hangouts, and star-gazing adventures.

Colorful Blue Blanket with a citrus picnic over itPhoto by Nipomo

The Type Three Dad

The Type Three Dad is all about the refined experience. Help him make his next best cocktail with a mixed cordial or syrup or grab his favorite refreshing beverage. Pair with a nice bottle opener or drink ware that will always make him think of you.

The Type Four Dad

The Type Four Dad is creative and unique, and a tray for his trinkets is exactly what he needs. We suggest pieces made by Kristen Saksa Juen in Austin, Texas. Exactly what Dad needs to corral his pocket change and accessories, or to display all those sweet handmade gifts from his little ones.

The Type Five Dad

The Type Five Dad is thoughtful and exactly the kind of problem-solver you need in your life! He’ll be delighted by the meaning and detail in this Texas Art Print from local artist (and Slow North co-founder) Jon Simmons, featuring the stunning natural beauty of Texas.

Black Texas Print in a Frame

The Type Six Dad

The Type Six Dad is a steady, loyal presence in his kids’ lives, and he’ll love the opportunity to connect more with the people he loves the most with a set of family conversation cards or a board game. Round up the rest of the family and listen to him tell his stories.

The Type Seven Dad

The Type Seven Dad is all about fun and adventure, but sometimes all that fun and adventure makes a dad sore. Help him relax and recover for his next adventure with this Eye Mask + Neck Wrap Bundle, proudly made by hand right here in our own studio! He can even add a few drops of Forest Bathing essential oil for a really transportive experience.

The Eight Dad

The Type Eight Dad always has your back. A Cedar Sachet Pouch for his closet or car is great for his grounding and subtle sensibilities. Whip up his favorite coffee or morning beverage and serve it to him with a sweet card that tells him how much you love him (that’s all he really wants, anyways).

The Type Nine Dad

The Type Nine Dad is a gentle, peaceful presence in his kids’ lives, and he loves bringing flavors together in the kitchen as much as he loves bringing people together! Help him make his time in the kitchen even more joyful with a few kitchen herbs of his very own (try oregano or basil or parsley plants that he can snip as he cooks) and a Texas made locally infused olive oil.

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