As Seen On: Kettle & Brine

Slow North Candle Making Workshop

We’re gearing up for our first Candle-Making Workshop on Sunday, April 30 and couldn't be more excited to share what we do with you! In anticipation of the event, our co-founder, Michelle, chatted with our friends and workshop hosts, Kettle & Brine. They spent some time discussing the dreams and inspiration behind Slow North, why candles were Michelle’s first product choice in a growing line and the powerful influence scent can have on memories.

Head over to Kettle & Brine’s blog to learn about how Slow North aims to be a catalyst for positive change, supporting a daily renewal one product at a time. We hope that this interview will give you some good insight into our intention for Slow North in your life.

(Images courtesy of: Kettle & Brine)