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Article: Women-Inspired Playlist to Boost Productivity

Women-Inspired Playlist to Boost Productivity

Women-Inspired Playlist to Boost Productivity

Now that most of us are stuck in the house in quarantine, we’ve probably had the same ideas run through our minds at least once: well, I guess I should use this time to be productive.

Whether that means getting started on your spring cleaning, finally filing your taxes (thanks for the extended deadline, IRS!), or just taking the time to let your creative juices flow, this can be the perfect opportunity to get the ball rolling.

The hardest part about undertaking any project is actually starting, which is why we rounded up a playlist of perfect motivational jams to get you moving (let’s face it, nobody really wants to scrub the grime from the bathtub or tackle stacks of tax paperwork, and yet it must be done). And what better way to kick your motivation into high gear than by listening to music made by badass women artists? Crank it up and let these 11 songs by our favorite female up-and-comers power your productivity:


1. Snoh Aalegra - I Didn’t Mean To Fall In Love

Snoh Aalegra is an Iranian/Swedish artist based in Los Angeles, best known for her crooning, relatable, in-your-feelings R&B jams. Her debut album “FEELS” catapulted her onto the main stage in 2017. “I Didn’t Mean To Fall In Love” comes from her most recent album, “- Ugh, those feels again,” and fills the room with dynamic and soulful energy.

2. King Princess - Holy

Alt-pop icon King Princess first made a splash in 2018 with her debut single “1950,” which weaves a story of queer, unrequited love through a melody that’s both beautiful haunting. Holy is equally as beautiful, but it’s more of a tune to get your spirits lifted.

3. Jessie Reyez - Wherever You Go with Jonas Blue and Juan Magán

Jessie Reyez just dropped her debut album, “BEFORE LOVE CAME TO KILL US,” which is a raw, emotional ride of heartbreak, growth, and defiance. On the flip side, “Wherever You Go” is an upbeat and energetic dance tune, which is atypical for Jessie, but perfect for a day of spring cleaning!

4. PVRIS - Dead Weight

Leading lady Lynn Gunn’s gravelly voice breathes life into this energetic rock and roll track. (This is probably the song that will make you dance around and play air guitar with a broom handle, if you haven’t done that already).

5. Wafia - Flower and Superpowers

Smooth and airy, Wafia’s Flower and Superpowers is charged with powerfully dreamy and reminiscent energy. Wafia, an Australian singer-songwriter of Iraqi-Syrian origin, used songwriting as an escape from the monotony of her biomedicine studies in college. Since then, she’s been making waves across the globe, topping charts and collaborating with hotshot artists like Ta-ku and Louis the Child.

6. Hayley Kiyoko - What I Need (feat. Kehlani)

Named one of NPR’s “The 21st Century’s Most Influential Women Musicians” in 2019, Hayley Kiyoko is also known as “lesbian Jesus” by some of her fans. “What I Need” is an upbeat, dance-worthy celebration of the love between two women who just want to enjoy each other’s company.

7. Doja Cat - Say So

If you’ve been stuck in the house and watching TikTok challenges, you’ve probably heard this song a million times already. It’s fun and catchy nonetheless, and Doja Cat is quickly catapulting herself to stardom with other hits such as “Like That” and “Candy.”

8. Sir Woman - Highroad

Austin-based Sir Woman (known also as her given name Kelsey Wilson) has a buttery alto voice, which seems to glide effortlessly over this rolling, genre-blending instrumental track.

9. Astrid S - Doing To Me (Felix Cartal remix)

Felix Cartal’s bouncy electronic take, coupled with the angelic voice of Norweigan artist Astrid S, makes for a perfect motivation boost.

10. BLACKPINK - Whistle

Girl group BLACKPINK has been in the Korean pop scene for a little while now, but has only recently perked the ears of listeners in the US. This fun, beat-driven song is a confidence booster for sure, regardless of whether or not you can understand the lyrics!

11. Grace VanderWaal - Clearly

Emotional, hopeful, and full of heart, Grace VanderWaal’s “Clearly” is a powerful anthem that speaks of self-acceptance, growth, and moving on to better days ahead.

Listen to the full playlist on our Spotify channel below!


Cecilia Seiter
Cecilia is a freelance writer and contributor to Slow North. She writes largely about sustainability, especially as it applies to beauty, wellness, and the future of technology. She is a graduate of the journalism department at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and is based in Los Angeles, CA.

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