Travel through Time and Space with Travel Candles

What do you remember most about your last vacation? Maybe it’s the flavor of a meal from your favorite new restaurant or the sound of strangers conversing in an unfamiliar language. You might reminisce about the soothing sensation of waking up under 1,000-thread-count hotel sheets or be flooded with nostalgia for family reunions every time you smell freshly-baked cookies.

a woven hat, sunglasses, and a cotton tote bag

You spend a significant amount of time and money planning, scheduling, and packing for upcoming trips in an effort to make lasting memories. But once the adventure is over, the demands of everyday life occupy your mind and those memories can become fleeting and blurred. Like a ticket stub or pressed flower, what can you do to preserve these cherished moments in time?

Memories that are tied to your five senses are especially powerful because they allow you to relive the tangible experience of past travels. Studies have shown that our sense of smell provides the strongest link of all to memory and emotion compared to any of the other senses. Since it can be challenging to replicate the smell of faraway places after a visit, you can use neuroscience to your advantage by establishing a connection between scent and scene in advance. An easy way to achieve this is with travel candles - toss a (TSA-approved!) scented candle tin in your travel bag and enjoy the same scent on your travels and at home.
travel tin candle with dried flowers
By selecting a specific scent that reflects the ambiance or desired emotion you hope to experience on your trip, you can revisit fond memories with every intentional sniff. Here are some ideal combinations to get you started wherever your travels take you:

Visiting Family

Visiting family, whether you’re staying at your childhood home or reuniting for the holidays, is the ultimate trip down memory lane. Pack an Orange + Clove candle (and maybe a few extra for your favorite cousins) to create a cozy and welcoming environment, complete with warm hugs and exclamations of “look how much you’ve grown!” Our custom blend of orange, clove and cinnamon essential oils is soothing and peaceful with a warm and uplifting aroma that can be enjoyed year-round.

orange + clove candle photo by olive branch shopPhoto courtesy of The Olive Branch

If you want to cement your status as the favorite relative, make sure to leave a gift for your host as you say farewell. Our neck wraps are the perfect way to help them unwind from a busy weekend entertaining family. They’re also unscented, making them perfect for family members who may be more sensitive to scents.

Honeymoons and Anniversaries

What better way to celebrate your beloved than with a signature scent? A flickering candle helps set the mood for a trip with your special someone, and you can establish traditions early on by lighting the same candles on each anniversary. Lean into romance with the seductive, warm aroma of our Moonglow candle.moonglow travel tin candleInspired by the warming glow of the full moon, Moonglow is spicy and cozy, with warm notes of patchouli and an earthy, captivating undertone. A spritz of matching Moonglow linen spray on your pillows is perfect for snuggling up to your loved one at the end of the day. And if you’re searching for a unique card to express your love, we carry an array of one-of-a-kind designs by Austin-based artist and Slow North co-founder Jon Simmons.

Work Trips

Traveling for a big meeting or presentation is a major step in your career, but can be majorly intimidating if you’re not fully prepared. At 6 oz, our Rosemary + Lemon travel candle is perfect to stash in your bag for short work trips.
rosemary + lemon travel tin candle
Rosemary has stimulating properties that boost memory retention and fight fatigue, the perfect confidence booster to help you nail that big presentation. The bright, clarifying scent of lemon in turn promotes concentration and can help minimize anxiety. Taking a few minutes in the morning to meditate with a Tiger’s Eye meditation stone is a great way to encourage self-confidence, clear energy blockages, and awaken inner strength. Keep these and other necessities accessible in our new travel pouch to help you get in the zone even when you’re outside of your comfort zone.


Enjoying nature is the perfect break from the stress and fast pace of everyday life, plus it allows you to connect with yourself and loved ones in a unique way. Camping trips are often more convenient than other types of vacations, with national and state parks within a few hours drive. When you make the great outdoors your temporary residence, however, you get a new set of neighbors - critters of the forest and bugs like mosquitos. Keeping a good bug repellent handy will make sure you can still have your fun. I personally avoid toxic chemicals like DEET, and prefer using natural and effective bug repellents like our Not Today, Bugs candle.Not Today, Bugs Mosquito Repellent CandleMade with our custom blend of essential oils known for their bug-repelling properties, the fresh aroma of lemongrass and citronella wards off those pesky mosquitoes so you can enjoy intimate moments around the campfire. The same scent is available in a natural bug spray, great for keeping handy on day hikes.
When it comes time to wash off a day’s worth of exploration, natural bar soap is an essential addition to your camp kit. As you literally bathe in the forest with our Forest Bathing bar soap, stay confident knowing that your soap is made of all-natural, biodegradable materials that will not harm the natural ecosystem we hope to preserve for generations to come.


A vacation doesn’t need to be in a far-off destination to be enjoyable. In fact, a “staycation” is one of my favorite types of vacations because it provides an opportunity to fully relax without the packed schedule of typical travel. Whether you’re taking some much-needed time for yourself at home or exploring a nearby town, make sure you have the essentials on hand to create a calm environment with convenience.slow north bath essentials: afterglow bath salts, candle, moonglow soapTake intentional rest with a spa day at home by running a bath, lighting a candle, and doing a multi-step skincare routine. Add a packet of therapeutic and sweet-smelling Afterglow bath salts to your bath and soak your tired muscles in a pink-hued state of bliss. Our Of the Sea candle features a soothing blend of eucalyptus, lavender, and peppermint essential oils, creating a transcendental, spa-like ambiance. Purify, detox, and restore your skin with our soothing and rejuvenating Spirulina + MSM clay mask and Herbal Facial Steam, and enjoy this sacred opportunity to take care of your body and spirit. After all, that’s what a vacation is all about!

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Gina Kotos
Gina is a freelance writer and contributor to Slow North. She writes about intentional living and sustainability in beauty, wellness, and food. She has a degree in public health and environmental biology from the University of California, Berkeley and is based in San Francisco, CA.