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Article: Slow North Team Favorites

slow north retail team member

Slow North Team Favorites

slow north retail team member holds frosted candle inside store

Looking for gift recs? There’s probably no one better to ask than our very own retail team members. After all, they’re intimately familiar with every single product in the Slow North retail shop — their opinions are worth their weight in gold!

From candles to linen spray to face masks, there’s something for everyone in our sweet little Austin gift shop. (I’ll throw an honorable mention in here for the meditation stones because those are my favorites…but I’m not on the retail team, so I digress!)

Get to know the team and the products they covet:

slow north retail staff picks carla hello sunshine linen spray

Carla Davis-Walters (she/her), Retail Brand Manager

Zodiac: Scorpio Sun (Pisces Rising, Cancer Moon)

Favorite Candle Scent: Yikes. This is a tough one. It depends on the season, but right now I am ~obsessed~ with Autumn Woods. Year-round, Rosemary + Lemon and Midnight Garden are my go-to choices.

Favorite Slow North item: Our linen spray.

Why It’s A Fave: Listen, I love ALL of our products...but the linen spray is hands down my absolute favorite because of how versatile it is. It's great to use on your sheets before bedtime, but I also love spritzing it in my closet, on my furniture, in the dryer before I dry my clothes, in my car...even on myself. I love a multipurpose product! 

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slow north retail staff picks eucalyptus + lavender candle

Abby Senger, Retail Associate

Zodiac: Aries Sun

Favorite Candle Scent: Eucalyptus Lavender

Favorite Slow North Item: Eucalyptus Lavender is my favorite scent, but our candles overall are my favorite product!

Why It’s A Fave: I love the relaxing smell and sight of our candles. Plus, I love knowing where and how they’re made, and with what ingredients. I can have peace of mind burning Slow North candles!

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slow north retail staff picks haystack neck wrap

Amanda Gelalecha (she/her), Retail Shop Assistant

Zodiac: Aries

Favorite Candle Scent: Orange and Clove forever!

Favorite Slow North Item: The Haystack neck wrap.

Why It’s A Fave: It helps so much for neck pain, pain from my cycle, stressful days, or even just to warm me up when I'm cold...which is my regular state!

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slow north retail staff picks aha + peppermint toner

Amani Yvonne, Assistant Manager

Zodiac: Capricorn Sun, Scorpio Moon

Favorite Candle Scent: Forest Bathing

Favorite Slow North Item: Our facial mists and masks.

Why It’s A Fave: They’re so refreshing and create almost immediate results for clear, glowing skin!

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slow north retail staff picks rosemary + lemon 1 oz linen spray

Laura Powell (she/her), Retail Associate & Assistant Fulfillment Manager

Zodiac: Aquarius (on the cusp)

Favorite Candle Scent: Rosemary Lemon, of course.

Favorite Slow North Item: It’s hard to choose one! I love the Rosemary Lemon linen spray.

Why It’s A Fave: It’s my favorite because I can use it in so many ways and the scent makes me smile. I use it in my car, on my wool dryer balls with laundry, on my neck wrap, and anywhere I want to freshen up a space. It goes with me everywhere!

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Cecilia Seiter
Cecilia is a freelance writer and contributor to Slow North. She writes largely about sustainability, especially as it applies to beauty, wellness, and the future of technology. She is a graduate of the journalism department at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and is based in Oakland, CA.

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