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Article: Podcasts to Turn to When You Need A Laugh

Podcasts to Turn to When You Need A Laugh

Podcasts to Turn to When You Need A Laugh

The headlines are intense these days, and we need an extra dose of endurance if we’re going to keep confronting injustice around us and through self-reflection, and--you know--keep getting out of bed in the morning.

One thing I’ve learned is how humor gives us the strength to keep showing up. There’s something about laughing in the midst of trouble that feels audacious, hopeful, and downright revolutionary.

These podcasts are some of my favorite humor listens when I need motivation to keep going; check out the list, and make sure you comment below with your favorites!

Funny Podcasts Everyone Will Love

podcastsPhoto by Melanie Pongratz

2 Dope Queens with Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams

I know, I know--2 Dope Queens is no longer recording. Cue all the sobbing emojis, but thank heavens we can still binge on two year’s worth of hilarious awesomeness (and the HBO specials!).

Robinson and Williams are real-life friends and they’re funny and they fill their sets with comedians--especially female comedians and comedians of color. Winning, on every count.

(PS don’t sleep on this 2 Dope Queens spinoff podcast, Sooo Many White Guys.)

Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend

If you like Conan, you’ll love his podcast (actually, if you like Conan, you’re probably already listening to his podcast--it’s a hoot).

Billed as “free from FCC regulations,” each episode features Conan and an A-list celebrity (think: Amy Schumer and Russell Brand) getting down to the quirky, funny, and endearingly entertaining conversations the late night talk show host is known for.

The Trevor Noah Podcast

Raise your hand if you love Trevor Noah. All hands raised? Yup, he’s fantastic. And so is his podcast! In it, Noah and his cohost explore important topics like protests and the coronavirus, but they do so with honesty, thoughtfulness, and (of course) humor. Oh, and everyone on the show has a great accent.

Random Yet Hilarious Podcasts

Photo by Soundtrap

A Very Fatal Murder

If you like satire and love true crime podcasts (or at least, love making fun of them), you’ll love this little gem from The Onion. Not for the faint of heart, but definitely an example of satire done right! Perfect for when you need to laugh at life’s absurdity/craziness.

The Baby-Sitters Club Club Podcast

What do you get when you combine the best mystery novels of all time (The Baby-Sitters Club novels, obviously) with two dudes? This podcast! Jack Shepherd and Tanner Greenring work their way through the Baby-Sitters Club novels in chronological order from first to most recent, and hijinks ensue. Don’t miss it.

Gilmore Guys

This one has a similar concept to The Baby-Sitters Club Club: two dude comedians (Kevin T. Porter and Demi Adejuyigbe) watch and discuss Gilmore Girls together. One is a long-time fan (Porter) reliving all his favorite Stars Hollow moments along with us, and the other (Adejuyigbe) is watching all the magic happen for the first time. This podcast is weirdly satisfying and utterly delightful.

Funny Podcasts Between Friends

Photo by CoWomen

Best Friends with Nicole Byer and Sasheer Zamata

Sasheer Zamata is a former Saturday Night Live cast member, which tells you most of what you need to know about this podcast. The other things you need to know: Zamata and Byer are IRL best friends, they’re hilarious, and this show is exactly the warm, welcoming conversation to turn to when you’re missing your besties.

Bodega Boys

Another podcast from two comedic bright lights, this one features friends Desus Nice and The Kid Mero in the middle of authentic, surprisingly vulnerable conversations. Pop this conversation into your ears when you miss the Bronx and want to eavesdrop on some hilariously irreverent convos.

In Bed With Nick & Megan

You know what’s even better than Megan Mullally or Nick Offerman? Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman together on a podcast, talking about themselves, their marriage, and all kinds of other stuff. They record every episode in bed, which is all absolutely as funny as you’re thinking. Warm, hopeful, and perfectly laugh-tastic, this podcast is the hopeful boost you need right now.

Love this list but want more? Check out this list of podcasts that are (almost) better than therapy!

Sarah Guerrero
Sarah Guerrero is a freelance writer and contributor to Slow North. She has a degree in international business from St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, Texas, and writes about sustainable business practices and ethical living.

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