Our Favorite Valentine’s Day Gifts for Each Enneagram Type

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Valentine’s Day can be Hallmark-romantic, but of course it doesn’t have to be. In fact, I’ve grown to love leaning into celebrating all the people I love, romantically or otherwise!

This year, the Slow North team has outdone itself with a carefully curated collection of their favorite gifts for each Enneagram Type (whether you’re shopping for somebody else or *ahem* yourself). I’m highlighting a few that caught my eye below.

(Spoiler alert: everything caught my eye.)


Valentine Gifts for Enneagram Type 9 Type Nine: Gifts That Remind Them to Take Care 

It’s been a rough year or two for our conflict-avoidant Type Nines, and Valentine’s Day is a sweet time to remind them to take care of themselves! I love this sweet hand-painted notebook for a Nine, maybe paired with a handwritten note about how much you care on the inside? And a pocket crystal to remind them to make time for themselves?

This carefully crafted Herbal Facial Steam is another great reminder! 

Valentine's Gifts for Enneagram Type

Type Eight: Gifts That Affirm Their Strength

 I have a soft spot for hard-charging Eights. I love affirming their strength and letting them know it’s safe to let their hair down every now and then.

This handmade jaguar ring is powerful and playful, and a symbol of strength and ferocity. Your Eight will remember how much you value her gifts when she wears it. This hand-poured candle with essential oils is another lovely gift. Lavender is calming and loving, and cedar is grounding with a faintly sweet undertone; both will help an Eight find their center.

Valentine's Gifts for Enneagram Type 7

Type Seven: Gifts That Bring the Fun

 OMG everything in this collection of gifts for Sevens is exactly that--FUN! This abalone shell, these maple whiskey caramels, and of course, this minty, exuberant Grapefruit + Spearmint travel candle to remind her that, one day, we’ll be traveling again.

Valentine Gifts for Enneagram Type 6

Type Six: Gifts That Make Them Feel Loved

 My husband’s a Six and so is my best friend! I love them for all their nine million neurosis and for their deep loyalty and faithful friendship. These Greenhouse Eye Mask and Neck Wrap therapy packs are so comforting and healing, especially when paired with a luxurious Herbal Bath Tea. And these Inner Compass Cards are so sweet!

Valentine Gifts for Enneagram Type 5

Type Five: Gifts That Celebrate the Mind

 Type Fives are often deep thinkers, and they really value their alone time. It makes so much sense to gift them books! This one speaks about the things that really matter that the complex and colourful worlds of people. Don’t miss the earl grey tea, bath sea salts, or any of the other great Type Five gifts either!

Valentine Gifts for Enneagram Type 4

Type Four: Gifts That Are As Unique as They Are

Fours are unique and wonderful and the gifts here tap into that beautifully! This Rosemary + Lemon candle celebrates your Four’s tendency towards creativity, and this mystical eye mask is as melancholy and beautiful as a Four’s soul. And of course, these moon phase match sticks.

Valentine Gifts for Enneagram Type 3

Type Three: Gifts That Help Them Get Stuff Done

 Listen, Threes have things to do! Help them on their way with a set of reusable facial cloths or a handy meditation stone to help cleanse negativity from their lives. Or, remind them that it’s totally ok to take a break every now and then with this warming Orange + Clove candle.

Valentine Gifts for Enneagram Type 2

Type Two: Gifts That Say Thank You

 Twos have a way of taking care of us before we even know we need taking care of; Valentine’s Day is a good time to turn the tables and thank them for all the day for us! They’ll feel loved and seen every time they use this grapefruit + coffee scrub, or when they light a new Eucalyptus + Lavender candle and make their space smell amazing.

Enneagram 1 Valentine Gift Ideas

 Type One: Gifts That Help Them Be Excellent

 As a Type One, myself, I can give my stamp of approval to everything in this guide: I literally want it all, from this moon phase tote to this beautiful book about mindfulness in the kitchen that pairs great with these reusable dish covers.

The Wanderlust candle is also one of my favorite gifts for helping me ground my inner perfectionist and tap into my love of adventure!


Sarah Guerrero
Sarah Guerrero is a freelance writer and contributor to Slow North. She has a degree in international business from St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, Texas, and writes about sustainable business practices and ethical living.