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Article: Behind The Scenes With Slow North's Fulfillment Manager

Behind The Scenes With Slow North's Fulfillment Manager

Behind The Scenes With Slow North's Fulfillment Manager

Do you ever wonder what shipping processes look like when you shop online? If you do, great! If you don't, that's totally okay too.

daniela rodriguez slow north's fulfillment shipping manager packs up some essential oil soy wax candles and therapy packs in the studio

Before working as a Fulfillment Specialist, I never really thought about who was packing my orders. I was just happy to receive them.

Now that I work in the Fulfillment Department, I see everything behind the scenes, from quality control to packaging to the actual act of shipping orders. Although our work is mostly packing and shipping, we do more than that. Our jobs involve planning, preparation, and more than anything, having an excellent eye for detail.

daniela rodriguez slow north's shipping manager pulls therapy pack neck wraps off a shelf for an order

Here is what my day in the Fulfillment Department looks like at Slow North.

Just like many other places, my workday starts at 8:00 AM. When I get to the studio, I check emails, review pending orders, and print packing lists. Afterward, I look over the calendar for upcoming scheduled shipments, then l plan out our team’s daily tasks after fulfilling all the orders. Once I’m done planning, it's time to pack!
daniela rodriguez shipping manager for slow north measures a package's dimensions while preparing to ship

Before sending a package, we always write a personalized postcard thanking the customer for choosing Slow North and trusting our brand’s vision. We’re amazed to see how far some of our packages are traveling, so the least we can do is show our appreciation!

daniela rodriguez shipping manager for slow north holds up a handwritten note addressed to the order recipient

When we pack some of our wholesale orders with recycled materials, we also include an extra note about our efforts to ship more sustainably.

a note to slow north's wholesaler's letting them know we pack our orders with recycled packing materials

Once we are caught up with orders, I leave the team in charge of shipping while I start doing administrative work.

First, I review our upcoming larger corporate orders and map out a shipment plan. These companies have particular packing guidelines, so we must check them before preparing the order. We usually begin packing 1-2 weeks before the shipping date to ensure we follow these guidelines to a T, which often include details like box sizes, weight limitations, packing materials, and carriers. 

Daniela Rodriguez, Slow North's shipping manager, inspects a clipboard during fulfillment and shipping processes

While the team works on those orders, I switch gears and focus on something else. With such a high international demand for our products, I’m now studying international shipping. There are so many things to consider before sending a package abroad, especially as a small business. Internal shipping costs, broker's fees, delivery time, and taxes have a crucial impact on a company like ours, so we need to be extra thoughtful about the shipping prices we charge, especially for international orders. Although it's often complicated, it’s a fascinating subject to study!

a pile of slow north package orders waiting to be shipped

After a productive day, it's time for us to go home. Before leaving, we clean and prepare our workspace for the next day. It’s so satisfying to see all the packages piled up and ready to be picked up by our shipping carriers.

Working in the Fulfillment Department has helped me become a better leader. Nothing I do is possible without the support of my team. Knowing I have such talented, kind, and driven people to work alongside enables me to focus on the future of Slow North.

slow north's fulfillment manager Daniela RodriguezDaniela Rodriguez
Daniela Rodriguez is a freelance writer and blogger based in Austin, TX. She has a degree in Spanish Literature and Political Science from Texas A&M International University and likes to write about female empowerment, sustainability and self-love.

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