3 Cozy Ways To Set The Mood For Fall

It always feels like summer passes in the blink of an eye. Exciting adventures, unhurried afternoons by the pool, new memories shared with friends and family - it makes you wonder how fall could possibly compare to the sun-warmed magic of the summer season. two hands reach up. an autumn tree with orange leaves is in the background

But just like nature, our life is cyclical and each season contains its own gifts and lessons. We can take the beginning of fall as an opportunity to reflect on how summer served us, then prepare for the restful, recharging period of winter. Updating our environment and habits to reflect this new energy makes the transition intentional and enjoyable, not to mention easier.

Rather than resist change, lean into the warm, cozy energy of fall knowing that summer will come again soon. Here are my top three ways to prepare my space for fall:

  1. Update the Ambiance

    After a long, hot summer, giving yourself physical cues can make for an easier passage between seasons. That doesn’t mean you need to completely redecorate - adjusting lighting, scent, or textures can help foster a cozy environment. Reflecting our natural circadian rhythm, warm lighting promotes relaxation and eases the seasonal transition into longer nights. Integrate warm lighting throughout your home by switching old incandescent lightbulbs to “warm white” LED bulbs, hanging twinkling lights or paper lanterns, and lighting candles. aesthetic fall orange + clove essential oil soy wax candle glows softly atop a pile of books

    Candles have the added benefit of aromatherapy, the practice of using essential oils to improve your health or mood through intentional selection of scent. The warm, uplifting aroma of orange, clove, and cinnamon - essential oils which have been linked to reducing anxiety and improving health - can be found in our cozy (and 100% essential oil-based) Orange + Clove candle. The fresh and woodsy scent of cypress, cedarwood, pine, and frankincense essential oils found in another cozy favorite, our Wanderlust Candle, can promote deep breathing, muscle relaxation, and emotional grounding. The warm, fragrant glow of candles throughout the home is the perfect way to help you ease into fall.

  2. Refresh Your Wardrobe

    As much as I love shorts and sandals, my favorite feature of the changing seasons is the opportunity to snuggle up in my (extensive) collection of sweaters. After sitting untouched for months in storage, my cozy knits deserve a little maintenance so they can keep me warm for years to come. an up-close shot of three neutral colored warm cozy knitted sweaters At the beginning of fall, I set aside an afternoon to hand wash and spot treat my sweaters with a gentle detergent formulated for delicates and wool. Always air dry your knits, unless you’re trying to shrink your favorite cashmere sweater to a child’s size! You can also use a linen spray to refresh cold-weather clothing - bundling up with the scent of our Orange + Clove linen spray will help you feel cozy on a crisp fall day.

  3. Eat Seasonally

    As summer travel winds down and we retreat indoors, get creative with making memories. Fall is the perfect time to host dinner parties with friends and family - plus, it brings a new bounty of seasonal produce to your table. 

    an apple crisp galette sits on a table with a hand holding a plate of a slice. near by are scattered ingredients such as an apple and cinnamon sticks. A mug of cider is also in frame.

    Not only is produce picked at its peak freshness more flavorful and packed with nutrients, but it’s the more sustainable option. I try to cycle my go-to recipes to reflect produce that I can find at the farmer’s market - apple, pomegranate, artichoke, and squash are some of my favorites - and I love hosting a harvest dinner with friends to try out a new menu in celebration of the season. By living with the seasons, I'm able to feel grounded in the moment, become more creative in the kitchen, and make unique memories tied to that chapter of my life.

slow north blog writer gina kotos
Gina Kotos
Gina is a freelance writer and contributor to Slow North. She writes about intentional living and sustainability in beauty, wellness, and food. She has a degree in public health and environmental biology from the University of California, Berkeley and is based in San Francisco, CA.