8 Yummy Alcohol-Free Cocktails and Elixirs

8 yummy alcohol free cocktail and elixir recipes with blood orange

What’s life without a fruity cocktail every once in a while? Though we’re huge fans of our mimosas and margaritas, it’s no secret that drinking alcohol a little too frequently can start to weigh us down. From brain fog to dry skin to insufferable hangovers (“I’m never drinking again, I swear!”), all those cocktails can really start to take their toll! But we firmly believe there is no way you should have to suffer through another Zoom happy hour without a drink in hand, which is why we decided to share some delicious recipes for alcohol-free cocktails (or mocktails, if you will) that are simple to make and truly tasty. Better yet, these mocktails all feature the superstar ingredient blood orange, which is currently in season and packs a juicy, tangy punch in every drink. Cheers!

1. Cranberry Blood Orange Mock Sangria

Sangria, a classic Spanish cocktail traditionally made with red wine and fruit, is a fantastic drink to pair with a lazy Sunday afternoon. This recipe calls for fresh blood orange, apple, cranberries, lime, and tangelo (if you’re feeling extra fancy). Note: sangria is best served chilled, but don’t put the ice cubes in until you’re ready to serve! Otherwise, the taste will be diluted. Same goes for the club soda — don’t pour it in until you’re ready to serve so it doesn’t go flat.

Blood Orange Alcohol-Free Sangria with CranberriesPhoto by Frank Zhang

2. Non-Alcoholic Blood Orange Mojito

Mojitos are a minty drink usually made with rum, but this nonalcoholic version is just as sweet and delicious. Simply muddle the blood orange with lime and fresh mint into a serving glass and top with your favorite non-alcoholic drink, like sparkling apple cider or San Pellegrino.

3. Sparkling Blood Orange Mocktail with Turmeric

Turmeric, the spice that gives curry its signature flavor and bold color, is a superfood ingredient that pairs deliciously well in this blood orange mocktail. Turmeric has been revered for centuries, particularly in Southeast Asia, for its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antidepressant properties. Add it to a delightful bubbly drink, and you’re almost guaranteed to have an amazing evening, no alcohol needed!

Blood Orange Turmeric DrinkPhoto by Jessica Gavin

4. Blood Orange Mock Mimosa

Brunch just wouldn’t be brunch without a mimosa. But if you’re looking to refrain from champagne, don’t worry: this recipe calls for a non-alcoholic bubbly, and, of course, some freshly-squeezed blood oranges. Simple and satisfying!

5. Easy Blood Orange Mocktail with Rosemary and Lemongrass

A blend of citrusy sweet flavors with scents of pine, charred wood and hints of lemon, this mocktail is hearty and rich. Perfect for savoring on a crisp winter evening!

6. Blood Orange and Basil Mocktail

There’s a certain je ne sais quoi about the orange and basil flavor combination, and this recipe certainly does it justice. Muddle it up with a little club soda, honey, and lime juice, and you’ve got yourself a mocktail to write home about.

Blood Orange and Basil MocktailsPhoto by Blakely Trettenero

7. Non-Alcoholic Blood Orange Spritzers

A blend of fresh-squeezed blood orange juice and rosemary simple syrup, these spritzers are sure to put a little pep in your step at the end of a long day.

8.Blood Orange and Vanilla Mocktail

Simple and tasty, this blood orange and vanilla mocktail is the perfect way to end the night with a touch of sweetness.

Blood Orange + Vanilla DrinksPhoto by Little Bits of Real Food

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