7 Cute Picnic Date Ideas To Try This Spring

7 Cute Picnic Ideas for Spring

If nothing else, the past year will go down in history as the year of picnicking — the year in which we collectively headed outside to eat with family, friends, and partners safely and responsibly. But just because an end to the pandemic is in sight doesn’t mean we should end the tradition of spreading out a blanket and chowing down outside. Here are seven cute ideas for your next picnic date:

1. Choose a fun theme.

This could be food or accessory-related, it’s up to you! Perhaps you decide your theme is lilac, and all of your plates, napkins, blanket, et cetera fall into that color category. Or maybe you’ll decide to stick with a certain cuisine and its respective aesthetic. Whatever you decide, get creative with it and let your imagination take the lead.

2. Make a basket of local, sustainable food items.

This idea works no matter where you are, but it’s even better if you’re visiting someplace with goods you can’t find at home. Check out the nearest farmer’s market and buy fresh fruits, veggies, cheeses, breads, and meats to forage from and bring on your picnic!

Making a local Picnic Basket

3. Get extra cozy.

A picnic blanket for the ground is a must, but you can make your picnic date even cozier with some added blankets and throw pillows. Any excuse to get cuddled up, right?

4. Play a board or card game.

If you’re not ready to let the date end quite yet, a fun board or card game is always a great option to keep the date going! Try bringing along a deck of cards and enjoy classics like Slapjack or Speed, or perhaps a chess board. The We’re Not Really Strangers card game is also a fantastic way to get to know your date with deep, thought-provoking questions.

5. Set the scene with candles.

Nothing says romance like a candle-lit dinner — and if that candle-lit dinner is paired with a gorgeous view outside, even better! Make sure you choose eco-friendly candles that don’t send toxins up into the atmosphere, and, of course, be extra careful when in grassy or woody areas so that nothing flammable comes in contact with them.

Candle Lit Picnic Date Idea

6. Bring a sand-resistant blanket or beach towel for a sunset beach picnic.

Sunset picnics are amazing no matter where you go, but almost nothing beats a sunset picnic at the beach.

7. Try a wine-and-cheese-pairing picnic.

Hauling entire meals out to your picnic spot is just too much sometimes. A little bit of wine and cheese, however, can do just the trick to satiate you while being both romantic and creative. Not sure where to start with pairing wine and cheese? This guide is a great place to start for learning the basics. Just make sure that alcohol is allowed in your respective picnic spot! 


Cecilia Seiter
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