3 Flameless Ways to Scent Your Space with Lavender + Cedar

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There’s a special serenity in lighting a candle and letting the scent waft through your home. Different scents can set the mood of a room or reflect the time of day - citrus for an energizing morning, lavender to help you unwind, cedar for a glimpse of nature in the middle of the work day.

Unfortunately, most conventionally-made candles you can find in stores are made with paraffin wax, a petroleum byproduct that releases the highly toxic chemicals benzene and toluene when burned. Additionally, artificial scents and dyes can contribute to air pollution by releasing phthalates, an endocrine disrupting chemical linked to cancer and fertility issues.

slow north non toxic lavender + cedar essential oil soy wax candle

Expert candle makers like Michelle Simmons of Slow North have turned to sustainable, non-toxic natural candles as a great alternative to scent your home. Our best-selling Lavender + Cedar candle, for example, is made of plant-based soy wax and 100% essential oil fragrances. Fresh and woody Texas cedar balances the calming floral scent of lavender in this custom blend designed to highlight the simple beauty of nature while soothing and grounding your senses.

Natural candles are long-lasting and don’t emit volatile organic compounds or toxic chemicals when burned. But if you get nervous around open flames - especially around children or pets - or are obsessed with a certain scent, aromatherapy comes in many forms. Here are three great alternatives to enjoy the sweet and woody fragrance of lavender and cedar throughout your home:

1. Essential Oils

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In addition to giving natural candles an incredible fragrance, essential oils have a number of other uses. Essential oils are extracted from plants that often have therapeutic or medicinal benefits. Scientists have found that inhaling the aroma of essential oils (aromatherapy) can stimulate the part of your brain that controls emotions, long-term memory, and physiological functions. Sprinkling a few drops of essential oils in a steam diffuser can have a similar uplifting effect on your mood and well-being as a favorite candle. Because our candles are made with 100% essential oils, you can be sure that you’re getting the same scent in a smaller container. A little goes a long way - because essential oils are highly concentrated, they’re also an affordable alternative to candles.

2. Linen Spray

lavender + cedar essential oil linen spray flame free candle alternative

In addition to freshening up your laundry, linen spray is a great way to incorporate aromatherapy in your life. A spritz of our Lavender + Cedar Linen Spray on bed linens, pillows, and towels creates a soothing spa experience as you wind down for bed. Stash a 1 oz mini in your purse too - a couple sprays are all you need for a midday pick-me-up.

3. Sachets

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Want to skip the essential oils and go straight to the source? Sachet pouches are filled with aromatics such as dried flowers or cedar chips and are perfect for freshening clothes and linens. Keep calm in traffic by storing a lavender sachet in your car - an ideal alternative to artificial air fresheners. As an added benefit, sachets are long-lasting and can be reactivated with a gentle squeeze anytime extra aromatherapy is needed! Our newest Lavender + Cedar Sachet is your favorite candle in a portable form. With a subtle blend of elegant, masculine cedar and grounding lavender, this sachet is a great gift for Father’s Day or just because.

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Gina Kotos
Gina is a freelance writer and contributor to Slow North. She writes about intentional living and sustainability in beauty, wellness, and food. She has a degree in public health and environmental biology from the University of California, Berkeley and is based in San Francisco, CA.