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Leaf Wellness & Dead AF Duo

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Introducing our plant care duo: Leaf Wellness and Dead AF!

Leaf Wellness is a natural and organic solution that enhances the beauty and shine of your leaves while providing crucial protection against pests. Its formula includes silica, which strengthens cell walls and offers an additional defense against fungal diseases and common houseplant pests. Shake well before use and spray the tops and backs of all leaves, letting it dry or wiping it off for a shiny finish. Leaf Wellness can be used regularly for plant maintenance or as needed to prevent pests, thanks to its carefully selected ingredients like organic neem oil, castile soap, peppermint oil, silica, and distilled water.

For a highly effective "on the spot" treatment against mealies, thrips, spider mites, aphids, and scale, turn to Dead AF. This powerful formula swiftly and safely eliminates pests, keeping your plants healthy and vibrant. Spray the stems, tops, and backs of foliage, saturating the entire plant. Use it at least once a week for up to a month or until all pests are eliminated. Dead AF's blend of olive oil, coconut oil, potassium hydroxide, cocoa butter, kukui nut oil, citric acid, vitamin E, mineral oil, rosemary oil, and distilled water ensures both effectiveness and safety.

When used together, Leaf Wellness and Dead AF provide a comprehensive plant care solution. They work in harmony to maintain the beauty of your plant babies while keeping them pest-free. Enjoy the refreshing scent of Leaf Wellness, which helps mask the strong Neem oil smell. With these two products, you can confidently nurture your plants and keep them looking their best!

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