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Dear Reader, I have to confess that I don’t know a whole lot about candles. It’s easy to imagine that Slow North, our latest entry into the Spotlight Series, would generally not be something that comes up on my radar.

But I’m very happy they did.

When I learned about their dedication to healthy living and shopping local, I had not doubt I wanted them to be part of the program.

You should really settle in and learn more about them.


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I’m constantly inspired by other mothers. I know now, first-hand, how this gig feels, and it’s not for the faint of heart. While the days are full of precious moments that replenish our joy and enthusiasm, it’s tough to ignore the physical and emotional challenges that accompany all the goodness. However, moms seem to figure it out – finding a perfect balance of energy and grace to love their children well – over and over again.

I’m particularly blown away by moms who find avenues through which to share their child-ignited passions and wisdom with other people. For that reason, I was honored to interview Michelle Simmons of Slow North on how motherhood carved her path in the entrepreneurial world.


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We sat down with co-founder Michelle Simmons one afternoon to find out more about her inspiration behind these vegan, zero-synthetic candles and how she and her husband grew their passion project into a growing nationwide brand. Plus, Michelle dished on some of her Austin favorites, local makers and Instagrammers you should be following!


A feature about our limited edition collaboration with Basil Hayden’s® Bourbon:

The Barman's Candle Set

This fall, Basil Hayden’s® Bourbon approached Austin candle-maker Michelle Hartle of Slow North to craft a handmade item for their Sipping Companion Collection to enjoy during the holiday season. The Barman’s Candle Set met and exceeded the ask by combining senses to create a truly memorable sipping experience.



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Slow North featured in Austin Monthly Gift Guide



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2. Slow North candle // Synthetic chemicals are banned from founder Michelle Hartle’s Austin studio, which happens to be fully powered by renewable energy sources, so you can breathe easy when you light these all-natural soy candles.


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Slow North and its beautifully packaged soy wax candles were born out of a need for non-toxic home products. Their geranium and rose candle is a great way to scent your home with pure essential oils (and no harmful chemicals).




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Slow North Soy Candles

Light your home with Slow North's beautiful—and all-natural—candles. These all-natural soy candles are scented with essential oils and completely free of synthetic candles and artificial fragrances. Plus: they’re vegan. The candles are all made in small batches in Austin.