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Article: Try These Organic Wines for a Sustainable At-Home Happy Hour

Try These Organic Wines for a Sustainable At-Home Happy Hour

Try These Organic Wines for a Sustainable At-Home Happy Hour

Unwinding with a glass of wine is one of the best ways to end a long, exhausting day. (And since we’re still in 2020, let’s be honest...we’re going to need a lot more wine).

Though we love a good glass of Cabernet every now and then, there’s something about the sulfites, pesticides, and herbicides found in conventional wines that stop us cold in our tracks — yes, wine contains much more spooky stuff than just the alcohol! Organic wines, on the other hand, use only yeasts and grapes grown without chemicals, which is why we’ve been cheersing with organic wines for our at-home happy hours. All of these are available online, and some include membership deals that will get you wine delivered right to your front door. Raise a glass to these seven organic wine brands:

 Photo by Julie Groleau

1. Dry Farm Wines

Dry Farm Wines is an online membership club, giving members access to organic wines from around the world. Many of Dry Farm’s wines come from small family farmers who don’t use machinery, meaning the wines aren’t produced on an industrial, retail scale and can’t be found in stores in the U.S.

2. Parducci Wines

Parducci Wines is located in Mendocino, California, one of the state’s richest areas for growing grapes. They specialize in red wines, all of which are certified organically grown by California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF). The wines are grown without herbicides like glyphosate or other synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Parducci Wines also promotes and enhances biodiversity, biological cycles, and soil fertility.

Photo by Marcel Gross

3. Bonterra

Bonterra delivers a fantastic variety of organic wines from their farm straight to your doorstep. The best part about Bonterra is arguably their approach to organic farming. Instead of spraying their vines with chemical pesticides, sheep and chickens roam the vineyards, munching on insects and trimming weeds.

4. Domaine Bousquet

There’s a certain je ne sais quoi about Domaine Bousquet — this brand offers a selection of organic French wines from their vineyard in Argentina, right at the Chilean border. As a result of their unique location, the grapes undergo major temperature swings through the day, which gives them a bold ripeness and juiciness that’s hard to find anywhere else.

Photo by Maja Petric

5. Thomson & Scott

We can always find a good reason to pop a bottle of bubbly (gotta celebrate the little victories, right?). Thomson & Scott’s organic prosecco is the perfect pairing for Zoom birthday parties, happy hours, or for some relaxing me-time in the tub.

6. Frey Vineyards

Frey Vineyards prides itself in “caring for planet and palate alike.” It’s an organic and biodynamic vineyard, which means it’s made by farming all components of the vineyard as one whole entity and ditching the use of chemicals and synthetic composts.

7. The Wonderful Wine

These wines just might have it all: not only are they organic, but they’re also low-sugar, low-carb, paleo, keto, vegan, and low in sulfites. And, yes, they still taste good!

Cecilia Seiter
Cecilia is a freelance writer and contributor to Slow North. She writes largely about sustainability, especially as it applies to beauty, wellness, and the future of technology. She is a graduate of the journalism department at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and is based in Los Angeles, CA.


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