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Article: Night Affirmations: Positivity for Sleep and Sweet Dreams

Night Affirmations: Positivity for Sleep and Sweet Dreams

Night Affirmations: Positivity for Sleep and Sweet Dreams

Night Affirmations for Positive Sleeping

How do you fall asleep?

If my husband sits still for more than twenty seconds without looking at his phone, he’ll start snoring. Me? Not a chance.

I’ve always struggled to relax and fall asleep but a few years ago, I hit a stressful time in my life, and I really couldn’t sleep. I’d be exhausted from the day but when I finally climbed into bed, my mind would suddenly rev into high gear, and I’d toss and turn till late into the night (or sometimes early into the morning).

For survival’s sake, I began to put myself through the same kind of bedtime routines I created for my children when they were infants to help them learn how to sleep: warm bath, chamomile tea, lavender & bergamot oil, a sleep mask, a sound machine….

Night affirmations play much of the same role that all these steps did for me. Their consistent, persistent positivity helps to unroot negative thought patterns and replace them with kindness.

Night Time Affirmations for a restful sleep

What Are Night Affirmations & How Do I Use Them?

Like affirmations in the morning or during the day, night affirmations can help you refocus the script in your head. You can add them to the bedtime routine you have now (even if it’s just falling asleep in front of the TV, like me sometimes!), or use them to anchor a longer, more deliberate routine.

Use the night affirmations I’ve written below (or write your own!) to replace negative, mean girl scripts, overthinking and anxiety, or imposter syndrome. They can also act as mini meditations; helping you release negativity and choose positivity, like setting an intention for your sleep at night.

I like to pair night affirmations with things like:

 Handmade Eye Mask for Sleeping

Here are some of my favorite affirmations for sleep and rest at bedtime

16 Night Affirmations

1. Body, you did a great job today (hold your hand or wrap your arms around yourself in a hug while you repeat this)

2. I did my very best today, no matter what my inner critic says

3. I release my fears and worries and open my arms to welcome peace, rest, and healing while I sleep

4. It’s ok if I didn’t do everything perfectly today; my goal isn’t to be perfect, my goal is to grow

5. Even flowers rest at night, and so will I

6. Tonight, I will rest and allow my mind and heart to replenish, renew, heal, and gather strength

7. I look forward to tomorrow; no matter what comes, I will learn and grow from tomorrow just like I’ve learned and grown every day of my life

8. I am mentally and physically relaxing (you can relax different parts of your body as you repeat this affirmation)

9. Even the earth turns to the dark to find rest, and so will I

10. I am grateful for today, and I am grateful for this moment

11. I choose calm and relaxation in this moment, and I sink down into it

12. I welcome every emotion I’m feeling right now, no matter how “negative,” but even as I feel them, I give them permission to move on away from me so that I can rest

13. I am calm and at peace

14. I will sleep restfully and dream beautiful, nurturing dreams tonight

15. I am worthy of rest, no matter how much I got done today or not

16. I deserve a good night’s sleep

Sarah Guerrero
Sarah Guerrero is a freelance writer and contributor to Slow North. She has a degree in international business from St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, Texas, and writes about sustainable business practices and ethical living.

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