Mindful Moments: Week 1

Day 1 / Introduction: 

Hello everyone ~ We hope you’re well and keeping your head up out there. Even though Slow North is temporarily closed, we want to remind you that we are here, sharing this experience with you. While these are times that can fill us with worry and uncertainty, we are hoping to bring some ease and refreshing energy to you and your family at home. Over the next few weeks, Kendall will be creating and sharing weekly mindfulness practices. Kendall is a member of our team and a local yoga instructor in our community. Each practice will be about 10 - 20 minutes in length, offering an opportunity for self-care, and mindfulness. From breath work to journal reflections, we’ll move with you, day to day, through these times of uncertainty.

We hope you join us as we take these daily moments to slow down and center. We’re here for you.

- Kendall Jurek / 200 HR RYT


Day 2 / Centering Breathwork:

“I release all negative thoughts of the past, and all worries about the future.”~ Louise Hay

It is not easy to relieve ourselves of worry, especially in a time like the present. We want to share with you some of our strategies for centering and doing our best to stay in the present moments. Here is a breathing exercise to release tension in the body, refresh the mind, and create positive flowing energy.

~ Find a space in your home where you can sit without being disturbed. Maybe that is a space that is closed off and quiet or maybe it is a one that is surrounded with noise. Both are good.

~ Once you find this space, whether noisy or quiet, find a comfortable seat for yourself. This could be with legs crossed, or extended. Or maybe you prefer to lie down. If lying down, let the soles of your feet gently rest on the floor with bent knees to keep from falling asleep.

~ As you're here in this comfortable position, lower your gaze slightly, maybe you close them completely.

~ Begin to notice your breath. Notice it without needing to change it. Notice how the breath is moving in your body. Is it moving in the belly or maybe the chest? Simply notice.

~ To move into alignment, take a deep inhale and lift the arms out to the sides and up above the head, reaching the crown of your head toward the ceiling. Exhale, bring the palms together and lower the hands to the chest letting the thumbs touch the chest. Continue to breathe in this posture.

~ As you breathe, try lengthening the inhale maybe by just a second. Notice what that feels like. Try lengthening the exhale, as well. Use this fuller breath to create space in the body while breaking up areas of tension. Keep this lengthened breath for 5 cycles. *One cycle is one complete inhale and exhale.

~ When you come to the last cycle, exhale and lower the hands to the knees. Allow yourself to slowly drift back into the natural flow of your breath.

~ When you are ready, lift your gaze, and slowly transition back into your day.

Finding time to sit still and breathe intentionally refreshes the mind, creates space within the body, and relieves the body of tension and stress. Intentionally lengthening the inhale creates refreshing, positive energy flow throughout the body. Lengthening the exhale emphasizes the release of negative energy leaving a sense of calm. Both together help us to be balanced and centered.