Help Us Make Mask Covers for Medical Professionals

Looking to make a difference for health care providers during the fight against COVID-19? Us, too. A lack of personal protective equipment – especially N95 face masks – is putting our nurses, frontline health care workers, and patients at extreme risk. On March 23rd Slow North pledged to make & give at least 150+ mask covers per week. 

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)—such as N95 masks—provide a crucial barrier for medical staff working on the front lines against COVID-19. Our country's supply is dangerously low. Doctors, nurses, and medical teams are wearing their masks long past their intended period of use, often destroying them in the process. But communities around the country are doing their best to come to the aid of these warriors.

Washable mask covers prolong the usability of scarce N95 masks. Hospitals and urgent care centers have approved and are urgently requesting them from anyone willing & able to help. 

Our team at Slow North is answering the call by gifting our sewing services, machinery, and talent to this effort. We have been producing fabric face masks for donation since March 23rd and continue to purchase materials so we can keep making them for as long as they are needed by our community.  

These masks will be distributed to medical facilities around the central Texas area (ERs, ICUs, urgent care clinics, etc.) who have requested them. We hope to make the biggest local impact we can with these mask covers.

A huge thank you to our Slow North community and other sponsors, like Chisos Boots, who helped us raise money to continue creating these mask covers for those who place their lives in harms' way for others daily.

We are now offering fabric face masks for personal use for purchase here with our Buy 1 - Give 1 model. 

Read more about Melissa and our sewing team's efforts in this article where we were recently featured by KEYE (CBS AUSTIN). 


With Gratitude,
Michelle Simmons
Owner + Founder of Slow North


About Care Mask Covers: These are reusable covers that will go over the N95s to prolong their use. These covers should be sanitized before use and then sanitized at least daily. It is important to stress that these mask covers are intended to be worn on top of N95 type masks, not to act as a replacement for them. The care mask covers are produced from guides that have been reviewed by individual medical doctors who are very grateful to receive them. They are not FDA-tested or FDA-approved. You must use them at your own risk. Slow North does not provide any guarantees and is not assuming any responsibility for any harm resulting from the use of these mask covers. Slow North does not claim that wearing these masks covers will provide protection against infection. We are simply trying to help our frontline neighbors by making what our medical professional community is telling us they need.