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Article: 4 Online Writing Classes to Practice Your Craft

4 Online Writing Classes to Practice Your Craft

4 Online Writing Classes to Practice Your Craft

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Writing saves me. The poems, the essays, the short stories, the incoherent scribbling in my journal I’ve been doing since I could hold a pencil—it connects me to what Shonda Rhimes calls “the hum.”

Because writing is so deeply personal for me, I used to think of it as a solitary activity. But I’ve learned to find the value in my writing classes as well as the larger writing community; when writing is tough, they help me remember how important our stories are.

I’ve found writing classes range from intense, time-consuming, and profound, to practically anonymous. The kind you choose depends on what you need.

When I just started dipping my toes into purposeful, intentional writing, I wanted to hide behind my screen. Now, I feel more confident. I love the communal aspect of writing and I look for opportunities to connect with other writers, including the teacher.

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Here are some of my favorite writing classes (some I’ve attended, some I want to) that may help you grow your craft this year:

1. Writing Our Lives

Vanessa Mártir is a writer, educator, and 2021 Letras Boricuas Fellow. I attended her online workshop on setting intentions for the year and it was one of the most impactful writing exercises I’ve ever experienced.

Vanessa currently has three self-paced courses available:

  • Family Trouble: Writing the Family in Nonfiction
  • Writing the Self as a Character in Nonfiction
  • Reclaiming Your Voice on the Page

Follow her on Instagram for more about her live workshops!

2. midnight & indigo

midnight & indigo is a literary journal dedicated to Black women writers and readers. It offers a variety of workshops and classes for Black writers of nearly every genre, which are taught by incredible teachers and writers.

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A few upcoming courses:

  • Afro-Futurism: An Act of Defiance
  • Writing the Bomb @#$ Book Review
  • Why Should I Keep Writing?

Classes are live, but still relatively affordable!

3. Fresh Ink Austin

Fresh Ink, founded by Jaime Deblanc-Knowles, offers creative writing workshops, writing coaching, and a community program. Workshops range from ongoing sessions on mastering creative flow to one-time classes that teach how to get published.

I love Fresh Ink’s Creative Community offering, available whether you live in Austin and/or prefer a remote community. The community meets regularly to write together (online and in-person).

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4. Writing Class Radio

I’ve listened to (and loved) the Writing Class Radio podcast for years now. In it, two writers and teachers read essays and talk about why those essays work. But it’s more than just a podcast; it’s also a writing community.

You can join for weekly writing and feedback sessions (and happy hour!). The community is excellent; Allison and Andrea are the writing teachers you also wished you had.

Sarah Guerrero
Sarah Guerrero
Sarah Guerrero is a freelance writer and contributor to Slow North. She has a degree in international business from St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, Texas, and writes about sustainable business practices and ethical living.

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