Sun., Feb. 25 - Embroidery 101 Workshop

Taught by Sarah Patterson of Mountains of Thread, this is a workshop that will cover all of the major stitches and process of creating your own embroidery hoop art. We will begin by practicing different stitch techniques on a sampler hoop before beginning the main workshop piece.
This main piece looks more complex, but really it just uses a few different styles of stitch that we will go over on the sampler so this is a good workshop for all levels (age 13+ recommended).
While we may not be able to finish the whole piece during our time together, you should leave the workshop with a good amount done and feeling good about finishing the rest of the piece on your own! I will also show you how to complete the hoop for hanging on your wall. 
Each person will receive a bag with three hoops - the sampler practice piece, the main piece (plants on table design) and another cactus design to take home. The bag will also contain needle, thread, scissors, backing fabric, stitch guide and color guide for each design. I'll also have extra thread available for swapping out colors if wanted.

Sips & snacks provided + a 10% in-store shopping discount at Slow North following the workshop. 
Seats are limited! Claim your spot today! 

More about Sarah:
I have always appreciated the art of handmade work, the act of pouring a little bit of yourself into the things you make whether they are for you or for others. 

I've been playing with needle and thread for a few years now. It started with cross stitching. My mother used to cross stitch and I love that we still use the Christmas stockings she stitched for my brother, sister and me. They must be at least 20 years old now and still look great! My first piece of embroidery was made for my sister's wedding. I made three pieces all together for her and immediately fell in love with embroidery. It's such a versatile craft that allows you to pretty much draw with the thread! You can be as traditional or wild with it as you want! I started with simple patterns, and then started adapting the patterns to my whims and then quickly moved to making my own patterns which I now share with you here. The thing that I love most about embroidery is that it forces you to slow down. I love working with my hands and I love that which each piece I make, I learn a little more about myself :)

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