Adding Plant Love to Your Daily Routine

For most of us, being consistent with self care is one of the toughest goals to commit to. We may regularly put the needs of our partner, family, friends, boss, coworkers, and pets before our own. Though it can seem somewhat counterintuitive, self care isn’t selfish. In fact, it’s far from it! 

Self care allows us to protect and nourish our vital energy so that we can give even more quality time, attention, and efforts to those we care about. 

Acts of self care need not be fancy. They can be as simple as taking a minute or two to focus on our breath, or dancing to one of our favorite jams. Take comfort in the wisdom that self care is a journey that is ever evolving - there is no perfect routine when it comes to prioritizing our wellbeing. 

Along that journey, one of the most powerful resources is the healing and soothing properties of plants. Whether you’re working from home solo, or in a shared space, here are some easy ways to incorporate plant-based self care into your daily work routine. 


Monday: almost unanimously voted the most dreaded day of the week. Maybe you hit snooze an extra time or three, but you showed up for the morning team meeting and are intent on starting another work week with a positive attitude. Even if you spent the weekend relaxing, tending to your green fronds, or taking extra time to soak in an epsom salt bath, you still deserve to start the week with some extra self care and the healing power of plants.  

Get your essential oil diffuser going with Grapefruit + Spearmint, and tap into the wonders of aromatherapy to establish a new essence in your workspace that feels distinctive from the weekend and reinvigorating for the week ahead. 

Tend to your thirstiest and most attention-needy plants today. It’s best to water plants in the morning so they have a full day’s sun to absorb it, but this is also a great mid-morning or early-afternoon practice. Starting the week by checking in on the needs of our fussier plants, like Calatheas and Fiddle Leaf Figs, will provide a welcome reprieve from any work-related anxiety, reduce our stress, and improve our concentration and focus for all of those tasks on our weekly to-do list. 

Rose Quartz Facial Roller by Slow North


Back into the work routine groove. Or at least that’s what we’re telling ourselves: think positive, right? If you have a big deadline fast approaching or just need a little extra help feeling refreshed today, try using a Crystal Facial Roller to give yourself a quick and soothing facial massage. This ancient ritual promotes lymphatic drainage to help rid the body of toxins, while improving overall circulation and firmness.  

You’re focused on the tasks at hand, and have little attention to spare for your indoor jungle today. But that doesn’t mean you should ignore your plants altogether. Make Tuesday your day to check on some of your lowest-maintenance plants: succulents! Look for signs that your succulents need an adjustment in their watering schedule or sun exposure. As we head into the cooler months, you might need to bring outdoor succulents inside and place them in the sunniest locations available, such as a south, west, or east facing window sill. 


Woo!! You’re half way through the work week! Oh sorry, was that too loud for the headache that’s starting to creep on? Maybe you’re feeling some stress and tension building behind your eyes from all that screen time, or the common midweek, caffeine-induced dehydration. In addition to tackling one or two extra tall glasses of water today, try a Migraine Mask. These weighted masks can be applied warm or cold to ease headache pain and relieve tired eyes. 

For a calming post-work activity, hang up that prolifically growing pothos. Those cascading vines will liven up any space and are low-maintenance jungle vibes. Pothos plants will thrive in low light conditions, so you can hang them in both bright and darker corners of a room. 


The day is new and there’s only two more to go until it’s time to switch into weekend mode. Upper bodies may feel stiff and sore from hours of being hunched over a keyboard and all those hours of Zoom meetings. Give your muscles a little extra support with a few rounds of gentle stretches and a Neck Wrap Therapy Pack. Made with 100% cotton and linen fibers and filled with unscented lentils, these packs provide natural relief for achy necks and shoulders. Similar to the eye mask, you can apply the neck wrap warm or cold, depending on your personal preference. 

If you’re looking for a plant to keep you company at your desk where sunlight is minimal, consider the ZZ plant. Notoriously known to thrive on neglect, the ZZ plant gives a whole new meaning to the word “resilient.” These are also some of the best oxygen producing plants that help to filter out common airborne toxins, allowing you to take in deep breaths of clean indoor air all day long. 


There’s no need to double-check your calendar, you’ve made it to Friyay! Reward yourself for your last four days of work with a little something special first thing: maybe it’s your favorite latte from the neighborhood cafe, or a virtual hangout over breakfast with your out-of-state bestie. Light the Eucalyptus + Lavender Candle to finish the work week off feeling relaxed yet vibrant. Once you’ve wrapped up for the day, use the Lavender + Mint Linen Spray to signal to your body and mind that the weekend begins now. 

Unique in their conversion of carbon dioxide to oxygen at night, snake plants are one of the best plants to keep nearby as we sleep. They are also among NASA’s list of the top air purifying indoor plants! Take a minute or two today to wipe down your snake plant’s leaves to maximize its air cleansing qualities for a full weekend of wondrous, restorative rest. 

This blog post is a collaboration with Desk Plants. Their mission is to help improve your work space to allow you to feel happier and breathe healthier air on the job. By working with low maintenance plants that have been clinically studied by major institutions around the world including NASA, Desk Plants provides that important connection to nature indoors.