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Vinyl Stickers

$ 4.00


Adorn the world with pretty stickers! 
These cute vinyl sticker are perfect for notebooks, laptops and water bottles.

Outdoor durable
Matte vinyl

Circular styles are a
pproximately 3" - 4" in diameter depending on style.

Non-circular sticker dimensions vary but are 3" or less.

(style 1-4)
WORTHWHILE PAPER is a collection of lively screen printed paper goods for lovers of nature, magic and meaningful design. 

(style 5)
Allie Biddle is an illustrator and artist living in Knoxville, TN. Her line of stationary products was launched in 2015.

(style 6-23)
Lora DiFranco founded free period press to create products that she wanted to use. The result is a line of paper goods to help you slow down, focus on the important things, and practice self-care.

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