Lemonade Pursuits

Wild Woman - 500 Piece Puzzle

$ 30

Wander through a dreamscape with "Wild Woman", a design by Sadhvi Konchada. The soft colors and imaginative landscape will bring soothing thoughts to busy brains. The puzzle pieces are unique shapes, which make puzzling more fun than standard pieces. The pieces are high quality with a soft-touch finish which is anti-glare so no more ducking and dodging around lamplight.

  • Completed puzzle is 18” by 24”
  • DESIGNED FOR MINDFULNESS. Art that quiets the mind.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY. Everything used is either recycled or biodegradable
  • MADE IN THE UNITED STATES. We are proud of the fact that those that produce our puzzles make a living wage.

Lemonade Pursuits is woman-owned company whose mission is to make life a bit more enjoyable for those managing anxiety and everyday stress through the concept of a mental recess. We believe that taking a mental recess is critical to feeling genuine, unencumbered joy. With this belief in mind, Lemonade Pursuits creates captivating puzzles and games that initiate mental recess, channeling destructive mental energy into a positive state of concentration and clarity.


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