Magic Of I

Vegan Leather Pocket Journal

$ 20

A stunning stand alone mini journal for all your journalling purposes. It is imbued with magic and intention to celebrate the gift of being alive.  

As above, so below, as within, so without...
As the universe, so the soul

- Hermes Trismegistus



A6, 152 pages
Ruled pages, evoking illustrations and quotes
Holographic gold foil cover
Lush silk touch vegan leather
Coloured end pages
Luxe ivory FSC sustainable paper
Gold ribbon placeholder
Elastic cover band


An ever-curious creative and lover and student of the moon, stars and cycles, Kerry has been an artist and designer for over 15 years obsessed with the unseen energies that govern our world. Bringing her gifts, passions, and wisdom together, Kerry created Magic of I. in a response to her personal transformation through periods of depression. The Magic of ‘Incarnation' is a celebration of being alive and gratitude for every moment in our temporary human bodies.


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