Wander Puzzle Co

Three for Tea Puzzle

$ 28


About the Puzzle:

  • Globally inspired art by Dutch-Egyptian artist, Roeqiya Fris

  • 500 piece jigsaw puzzle

  • Measures 18 x 24 inches upon completion

  • Colorful puzzle for adults 

About the Artist:

Roeqiya Fris is a Dutch-Egyptian illustrator based in the Netherlands. Inspired by Arab culture, world travel, and nature, her scenes radiate with vibrant color, boldly mixed patterns, and strong femininity. Her artwork typically depicts universal themes of diversity, female friendships, and sisterhood. Find more of her work on Instagram @Roeqie


I am a wanderer with a love for all things that make me marvel. I marvel at human connection, the power of intuition, diversity of cultures, the beauty of nature and the list goes on.  I travel to 12-18 counties a year and love to explore. I have an affinity for creating and problem solving and a tendency to always be doing something. This is where puzzles come in. Puzzles bring this all together for me in a quiet, slow focused way. Life moves fast and we hardly take time to recharge. For me, nothing feels more comforting than a house full of my loves, a fire in the fireplace, warm food, chunky blankets and a beautiful puzzle. 

Take a deep breath, sit down and allow yourself to recharge with a puzzle, I’m sure you need it. 

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