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The ABC's of ATX

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To all tiny Austinites learning their letters, 
Here's hoping this book makes the process much better.

The ABCs of ATX is more than an alphabet book—it's an insider's guide to Austin, TX. Made for kids & parents alike, with colorful, hand-drawn illustrations and lots of inside jokes. 

56 pages. 
Full color illustrations.
Hardcover with laminate for durability. 


About the Author:
Kelly Sharp
Kelly grew up in Texas, attended Southwestern University, and calls Austin home. She writes short stories, short films, and other fun projects. She loves working with Joy + Noelle the most. 
About the Illustrators: 
Joy Buran + Noelle Melody
 Joy + Noelle are illustrators, animators, and, as it happens, identical twins. They both earned BFAs in art from Pratt Institute. Their thesis film was their first collaboration; since then, they've made short films, commercial animations and children's books.

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