The Tea Spot

Stainless Steel Tea Filter

$ 8

Take precision tea steeping to new heights with this fine stainless steel tea basket.

Numerous micro holes line the walls of this structured metal filter allowing for three critical processes that lead to great tasting tea: 1) cross-flow in a large volume basket releases full bodied tea infusions, 2) fine filtering so that even the smallest leaf bits and herbals, like rooibos, don't escape into your infusion, and 3) rapid draining when your infusion is complete allows for precise steeping and re-steeping.

About the Maker:

The Tea Spot is fueled by the passion of their founder, Maria Uspenski, a cancer fighter drawn to tea during her recovery. They're dedicated to handcrafting whole leaf teas and designing innovative Steepware. In support of their mission to promote healthy living, 10% of all sales are donated in-kind to cancer & community wellness. They've already touched more than 100,000 lives with this pledge. The Tea Spot is a Colorado-based Certified B Corp, woman-owned and operated philanthropic business.

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