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Small Shibori Indigo Reusable Food Wrap - Beeswax Wrap - 6x6


$ 10

Wraps are indigo and shibori themed but exact patterns vary.

This small wrap (6"X6") is perfect for half an avocado, orange, apple, or to cover a cup or jar. 

Great for:
-Avocado, orange or apple halves

Wash wrap with cold water and soap. Wrap lasts approximately one year. Keep wrap away from heat. Made in Ventura, CA. 


Bee Kitchen Food Wrap is an attempt to live a zero-waste life and ditch the plastic wrap. We love good food, and treating it with care. What is good food when it's wrapped in plastic? In an attempt to live a zero-waste life, Akira Dann realized something was missing. She still wanted to throw a piece of saran wrap around her leftovers or on top of a half-used avocado. Voila! Bee Kitchen's wraps came to be.

Beyond the conveniences of the wrap’s functions, they are meant to be a daily reminder to opt for reusables whenever possible. While the wraps sit in your fridge or on your dish rack, she hopes they trigger a thought or two: “maybe I’ll throw a fork in my bag before I go to that food truck”, or “maybe I’ll bring my tupperware to the restaurant in case I have leftovers”.

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