Wander Puzzle Co

Road Trip Puzzle

$ 28

About the Puzzle:

  • Art by: Ana Hard

  • 500 piece jigsaw puzzle 

  • Measures 18 x 24 inches upon completion

  • Colorful puzzle for adults 

About the Artist:

Ana San José, aka Ana Hard is a Creative Designer from Bilbao, Spain. She believes details have the power to make life more beautiful. Ana’s art presents a full-color world inspired by fashion, movies and daily lifestyle.  Her independent work represents a little universe that defines her, a feminine voice in the -GIRL POWER- generation. Find more of her work @Anahardesign 



I am a wanderer with a love for all things that make me marvel. I marvel at human connection, the power of intuition, diversity of cultures, the beauty of nature and the list goes on.  I travel to 12-18 counties a year and love to explore. I have an affinity for creating and problem solving and a tendency to always be doing something. This is where puzzles come in. Puzzles bring this all together for me in a quiet, slow focused way. Life moves fast and we hardly take time to recharge. For me, nothing feels more comforting than a house full of my loves, a fire in the fireplace, warm food, chunky blankets and a beautiful puzzle. 

Take a deep breath, sit down and allow yourself to recharge with a puzzle, I’m sure you need it. 

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