Whispering Winds

Palo Santo Sticks

$ 3

 This is perfect for someone looking to use just small amounts of Palo Santo at a time and to save some money. This is a bag of smaller sized sticks of wonderful Palo Santo.

Guaranteed authentic and Fair trade, harvested in the Amazon Jungle in Peru. These sticks are hand split from whole logs. We do not use any machines to process our Palo Santo.

These sticks can be used over and over again until they have completely turned to ash.

Palo Santo is used to clear any negative or unwanted energy, leaving behind only the positive energy. The scent of Palo Santo is a woodsy citrus aroma which is very soothing.



WhisperingWinds is a Native American owned BIPOC shop and was created out of the love of a hobby. I have been making my own creations since I was a young child and over the years have given many handmade items as gifts. Due to the popularity and the repeated requests I have decided to open a shop of my own.
All the items in my shop are handmade and are all authentically Native American made.
I am an enrolled member of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe and 100% of all proceeds from this shop go directly to enrolled tribal members and students.

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