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Art & Soul Mini Smudge

$ 13.00

Relaxation Accessories

Art & Soul Mini Smudge

Art & Soul Mini Smudge

$ 13.00

Relaxation Accessories

Burning aromatic herbs is a intended to be a grounding and transformative practice.

When we burn these plants we are transmuting the energy into the spirit plane. The smoke moves the energy and our consciousness to an altered space.

These herbs act as a conduit, connecting us. 


White Sage - Grounding, uplifting, purifying and cleansing of the body, aura, energy, and space. The ultimate healer

Lavender - Calming and peaceful, heart-opening 

Rose - Courage, intimacy, comfort, and of course love

Eucalyptus- Uplifting, cleansing, balancing

Rosemary- Healing, Purification, Protection

Quartz- Six Sided Prism of Light and Energy, amplifies and clears all

Size: 4" long /  5-6" thick

sustainably and ethically harvested white sage

locally sourced herbs and flowers

color of roses are seasonal and can vary (red, yellow, orange, pink)

wrapped in organic hemp


Smudging is a personal ritual which belongs to you. There is no wrong way to do it. Here are just some suggestions of how to begin and different paths.


Sit in a comfortable seated position in your sacred space, the place you feel most safe. Light a piece at the top of your bundle and relax. Call in the plant spirits - introduce yourself and speak a request/intention from the heart to receive their medicine.

Space Clearing:

Waft the smoke about with the underside of a feather, the feather represents the element air. Move about the space clockwise, or in whatever direction you are pulled intuitively until you come back to where you began. For deep cleansing try to move smoke into all of the corners and cracks.

Physical Body:

When smudging your self, waft the smoke towards you and/or around your body. Set intentions, speak your prayers, call onto your ancestors, create your sacred space in a way that feels good. Eyes closed or open, it is up to you.


please always remember to use a catch for safety as ashes may float freely, we recommend ceramic or abalone shell

Melissa and Carol Hargus are a Mother/Daughter Duo with a passion for quality living. Born and Bred Austinites, they have a dedication to preserving the livelihood of the local Artist community . "We believe that objects possess a soul and spaces a spirit, endowed with meaning and purpose". We empower and enable people to slow their life down by creating spaces/objects that support authentic and intentional living. By providing natural products and services that embody integrity and fine craftsmanship we hope to change the relationship people have to spaces and antiquated views of consumerism.

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