Spalted Home

Mini Cactus Kit (White)

$ 25
The Mini Cactus kit contains everything you need to plant and take care of your very own Mini Cactus.

It has all the very best things in one tiny box! It's a plant, it's handmade, it's an experience, it's the best gift ever (for you or a friend).

***What's included***
-a tiny cactus pup (between 1/2"-1 1/2") (can live for weeks without being planted)
-a mini white hand formed and carved vase (between 1" and 1 1/2")
-tiny bag of rocks
-tiny bag of soil
-tiny pipette for watering
-illustrated instructions for planting and care

The perfect size to fit just about anywhere and it requires very little care.

Jessica Angel of Spalted Home is a Michigander at heart, living in Seattle with her husband and toddler. She has been running some sort of handmade business since 2011 and taught herself to carve wooden spoons a few years ago. When her daughter was born she stepped back from carving and the idea for mini cactus kits sprang forth (fun fact: the vases are hand carved to look like carved wood!) Jessica’s love of spoon carving has been translated into a class that makes wood carving accessible for everyone.

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