Two Hives Honey

Mesquite Honey - 5.5 oz

$ 16

All of Two Hives Honey liquid gold is harvested from neighborhoods within 20 miles of downtown Austin and hand jarred by their team of beekeepers. The mesquite honey is harvested from Manor, TX bee yards 14 miles from downtown Austin, and all the nectar used to produce this honey was gathered by the bees from Texas Honey Mesquite trees. Mesquite honey is electric yellow in color, with a slight green hue and has notes of young, green almonds.

From the Maker:

Two Hives Honey was started by Tara Chapman, a native from the tiny West Texas town of Smyer, Texas. On a fateful day in Austin Texas, Tara took her first beekeeping class with a friend, Gina, now a member of the Two Hives team.  Inspired and in love with the bees, Tara quit her government job to work for a beekeeper in East Texas rearing queen bees for 4 months. What started a solopreneur running hive tours for Meetup groups on 2 neighborhood hives has evolved into a socially conscious business that aims to educate our community, support other local businesses, and of course, offer you the best damn honey Texas bees can make.

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