Wildflower Caramel Co

Maple Whiskey Caramels

$ 16

Made with all organic and fair trade ingredients. Features Nine Banded Whiskey from Austin, Tx.

Available in full and half dozen sizes. Each caramel is individually wrapped

maple syrup, sugar, brown sugar, brown rice syrup, butter, cream, bourbon, vanilla, sea salt.

We are a family owned and run company with the mission to create for you a small, unique and incredibly tasty treat that keeps you coming back for more; but, at the same time, ensure that quality is never compromised and every life along the supply chain was treated and paid fairly.  We hope to live our lives and build a company in such a way, that our footprint on our planet is minimal but the love that we leave is large. Every ingredient that we use is organic and fair trade certified and local when possible. Our packaging is also made from recycled and eco friendly materials.

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